Freebie Friday – Edgar Allan Poe Quote Facebook Banners

Hello everybody! Have you all had fantastic weeks thus far? Tomorrow is one of my oldest friends birthday celebrations, & it’s mustache themed, so we get to use the mustaches we made last week! Huzzah for multiple-use mustaches!!

I certainly have had an interesting week, & to celebrate the beginning of this bound-to-be-wonderful-weekend, I’ve made up some fancy-schmancy freebies for everyone using one of my favourite quotes from my favourite author, Edgar Allan Poe. Alas, the quote in context is really quite sad, as he is referring to the period of his life where he was coping with his dear wife’s illness, but it is quite fitting for other people’s lives as well, depending on the people. 😉

This is one of the awesome banners! Cute, yes? ;D

This is one of the awesome banners! Cute, yes? ;D

I shall place these lovelies on the Freebies page as well, but for now, feel free to click & download & use for your Facebook banner at your leisure — please do not edit these in any way, shape or form, & do not claim them as your own. (AKA “sticky paws off!”).

I made 9 of them, but the rest of them I’m still working on. They’re mostly just variations with the same sort of theme. Here’s the first four, though…


hs2 hs1 hs3 hs4

Well, what do y’all think? Is there another fun quote or phrase you’d like me to make some banners for?
— Elise M. Gross

3 thoughts on “Freebie Friday – Edgar Allan Poe Quote Facebook Banners

  1. Of these, I prefer the first and third from the left.

    The history of western philosophy is positively brimming with cool quotes. I’d recommend Bertrand “there is much pleasure to be gained from useless knowledge” Russell.

    • Thanks! I have a fondness for the one I posted larger above, personally, but the other ones I made & haven’t posted yet are pretty swell, too! There are definitely quite a few quotes I’d love to do. I’ll make sure to create something spiffy for Russell’s quote — thanks!! Any requests for colours? ;P

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