Happy Monday!!

 Good morning, everybody! Or should I say “good afternoon?” Gah, either way, it’s Monday, the most loathed day of the week. >:{
Since knocking off soda I’ve only had one on my “cheat” day this past Saturday when I went to hang out with Sevi!!! Luckily, though it’s Monday (which means I reeeeeaallly want a root beer right now to handle all the maddness,) the thoughts of how AMAZING this weekend was are holding me over. Yay!

First off, getting to meet Sevi (who is, like, my blogging idol) from Ware’s the Vodka? was the shizznit. For cereal, guys. She is utterly a breath of fresh air, & SO FREAKING FUNNY! I think my face was the most sore it’s ever been that day. xD

First we went to City Craft for cloth — OH. MY. GOODNESS, guys…!
They just moved, so they were still setting up shop, but MAN!! From what I did see, the selection is amazing!! They were a tad on the expensive side, however, but from what I can tell, after working with what I ended up getting, their quality is far above the rest. I got a yard of some pretty bomb-diggity cloth that I just fell in love with, & Sevi grabbed something that made me think of candy. I actually think it was called “candy” something…! She saw glitter & it was over. xD
After cloth shopping, we joined up with Mr WareBear & got some delish grub, then headed to her place to get our sewing on!!

Seen here: Sevi's awesome Jenome & my Singer

Seen here: Sevi’s awesome Jenome & my Singer hanging out with our awesome new clooooth!!

Sevi finished up some awesome quilt tops, then started on her “special proect” with the candy cloth, while I mulled over what to make with my yard of awesome. I finally settled on a sling-ish bag & got to work.

First, I made q super-quick, super basic sketch on my iPad (I used the Paper app) to sort of “draw out” the idea I had in my head at that point.

Sevi as wigging out about my sketch-to-purse transformation, but I’m not quite sure why… 😛

Here’s what I sketched out:

Pretty straight-forward design.

Pretty straight-forward design.

What I ended up doing changed from this sketch, but there were a few core elements I had to keep.

  • I needed pleats like my life depended on it.
  • I wanted a long strap. No “tote” purse this time, dangit!

I ended up making a longer-than-wider purse, but it’s okay. I only used half a yard, so maybe I’ll use the other half to try making a purse closer to this design. The lovely Sevi was gracious enough to let me have some cloth for the lining inside, too, so the colours are AMAAAZIIING!

Here’s a few shots of the work in progress…


Sevi showed me a neat tool to pull the strap right side out with...huzzah!

Sevi showed me a neat tool to pull the strap right side out with…huzzah!

Inside of the lining; the whole piece is inside out right now... that hole is to pull it all through!

Inside of the lining; the whole piece is inside out right now… that hole is to pull it all through!

Mrs Sevi with her wonderful quilt top!

Mrs Sevi with her wonderful quilt top!



 And our lovely model…

Sevi models a purse

Also, Sevi made the world’s coolest quilt top… seriously, I want one EXACTLY like this!! Watching her work made me feel a bit more comfortable with my own skills, so I think I’m ready to try my hand at making a quilt of my own. 😀 Yay, inspiration! I’ll probably use the other half-yard (if I decide not to make a purse with it again) & some co-ordinating fabrics from my own stash. Sev showed me a lot about the chevron design, & as long as I go slowly & make sure I check everything as I go along, I feel fairly confident that I won’t bugger it up too badly. It’s when I get to rushing that I make lots of mistakes. :\
Anyway, check out Sevi’s quilt-top!!!

That blur beneath is Kopper, an adorable rapscallion of a dog.

That blur beneath is Kopper, an adorable rapscallion of a dog.

[drool] Isn’t it just gorgeous?? I’m torn as to whether I want to do a super-rad chevron design myself or try for something easier like a pinwheel design. 🙁 Any suggestions?

Okay, enough of my awesome weekend!! What fun things did you guys make?!

— Elise M. Gross

3 thoughts on “Happy Monday!!

  1. Can we just say this was the best craft date ever!?!? I had so much fun and am still flabbergasted that you made a purse out of thin air. I have to use a pattern for purses! Your talent is amazing and you can totally take on a chevron quilt! Let’s do it again soon (like after I finish this class so that I don’t have to worry about homework!).

    • I know, right?? Who’d have thought we’d get neat opportunities like this; getting to know real people through blogging!! It’s pretty awesome. 😀 I want to go to a giant party for bloggers & meet EVERYONE! xD

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