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Greetings fellow interwebbers!! (Oooh, I like that word…!)

I’d like to start off today with a tip of the hat to the Seattle Seahawks for their epic win last night. If any of you know me, you know I don’t really follow sports much, but I’m quite eager to learn more this year — it’s on the resolutions list! xD
Until I get a better understanding of more than just which goal is which, here’s a fairly accurate assessment of my excitement level/level of interest during last nights game:

Made by my buddy Cooper Carr

Made by my buddy Cooper Carr

Actually, I have something else to share, too! I saw this one floating around on FaceBook, I’m not sure who the original creator is, since it’s meme-like, but it’s really funny…!
sports meme
While I cannot say that this is particularly true of me regarding every sport — I do so loves me some baseball —  it is a bit true… it’s very true for my sweetheart. ;D Haha!

But it’s not all sports talk today…

   Wanna’ know what I’ve been working on? There’s a couple of things, really… as you should all be aware by now, I’m an avid lover of D&D, & this latest campaign I rolled a Bard! I’ve decided to begin chronicling our adventures, both to help my character development & provide some role-playing elements, AAAAND I eagerly wish to get back to exercising my creative writing chops! (Is that even a phrase…? o_O)

Let’s make a D&D map board!
I managed to get a hold of some graph wrapping paper (you could just as easily get some newspaper-paper & draw up your own graph for this.) I took the wrapping paper, a large foam board, tape, & scissors, and made us a fancy-schmancy board! I plan on locating my vinyl so that I can cover it with that so that we can use it repeatedly, but for now (since I have a huge roll of this paper now) we’ll use it as a disposable board. Luckily, we’ll be using it for awhile, since this campaign looks to be long.

Here’s a SUPER QUICK photo run-down:
Quick reference guide to making your own board

  • 1. Gather your mats: board (cardboard would work), graph paper, scissors, tape
  • 2. Tape it like you would tape a present! Start at the back, wrap around, keep it taught (but don’t tear it!) & tape it down.
  • 3. Continue with all sides, taking care to keep the main front panel nice & smooth…
  • 4. Finito! All done! 😀

As a side note, I recently ordered my very own designs to be printed on cloth — one from Spoonflower & one from Fabric On Demand. I will be putting together a review for each company & then one comparing the two.

I’m so excited!! 
I’ll make a new one once I do it with a reusable laminated surface. I’ll also be updating next week with the awesome city we end up mapping out. I’ll be working with our DM on Saturday to get all the deets! xD

What fun stuff did y’all do this weekend? Did your team win? Tell me all about it!

— Elise M. Gross

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    • LOL!! I know baseball — though I’m sure I could learn more!! I really need to learn about football, though. :\ But woooo I love watching me some baseball. ;D Hehe!

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