Late Make it Monday! Design?

Greeting blogosphere! This week’s (belated) Make-it-Monday is a little different from the norm. Instead of showing y’all what fun crafty goodness I’ve been getting up to, I’m going to show y’all what fun designing goodness I’ve been doing! Woo! (Bear with me, this post is a little wordy!!)

I’ve recently decided to go back to school to pursue a degree in Small Business. Surprising, I know, but honestly, I don’t feel as though I need any more design learnin’s, since I already went to school for that. 😛 (As they say, been there, got that T-Shirt!) Why am I pursuing an SBA, you ask? Well, aside from the random little businesses I’d like to potentially own, I’ve mainly got it in to my head to FINALLY pursue my passion — the one I’ve always had a knack for, but not enough courage to go after on my own — DESIGN! Yes, yes, I am finally going to be starting my own design company. Eeep!! It’s terrifying, yet exhilerating! It’s also, oddly enough, a relief… I finally figured out what I really want to do in my life. (I could cry..!)

With that said, I’ve been working on my designs for the website, plus a few “pro-bono” designs for family members & friends to help me add more current stuff to my already bursting portfolio.

What’s in a name?
This past year, after deciding to go through with this whole “investing in myself” thing, I started kicking around some names for the design company. I finally decided on incorporating my own nickname (EL) in to it, & settled on “Deigns by El” …for almost half a year.

If you’ve noticed, this blog is hosted on my main site, (which is currently undergoing construction so it’s utter BLAH!) EgCom has always been my moniker online, it’s always been my alias, & I identify strongly with it. I don’t currently want to go purchasing a new domain name, & my poor has been sitting there for so long without the life breathed in to it that it deserves… so, it shouldn’t come as much surprise when inspiration came along & smacked me square in the face: DUH.


Genius! I can keep my current domain & give it LIFE! Mwahaha! With that said, it’s picture time!! I’ve come up with quite a few designs — but I need help! My main sketches were all over the place. I’ve finally narrowed it down to a sort-of geometrical theme (I love shapes; notice how much I love stars on this blog? Well, the new concept for EgCom Designs is a hexagon & circles!) I started off with grayscale colours, then I moved to blues…but it’s sort of evolved to a colour scheme similar to this blog — this way I can develop a cohesiveness across all of my personal projects. So here are a few shots of what I’ve done thus far:


EgCom Designs PrototypeEgCom Designs Prototype 2EgCom Designs Prototype 3 This is the blue one. Now, originally, these were done with the idea of converting them in to some sort of banner for the site. However, they’re mostly to get an idea of the “feel” for what the site will look like. Originally, I had the idea of putting the links to the different pages in that blank, upper left area.

After the blue, I decided to add colours matching this blog & made the addition of fun, bubbly-sort-of circles! I also created a slightly opaque overlay on “designs”, adding in the pinkish colour, then dropped in a coordinating set of arrows w/circles. I’ve seen this sort of circle-with-arrows design everywhere lately, & I love it!

Lastly, I dropped in a couple more circles, then added purple things.

I’ve gotten mixed reactions; some folks like the 2nd option, claiming the purple one is too busy, while others claim they love purple more, & that it balances the whole thing out.


What do y’all think? I’d love the input! 😀
I’ll share some moore things I’ve been working on later this week. For now, though…

— Elise M. Gross

2 thoughts on “Late Make it Monday! Design?

  1. Hello CheekyGeeks!,

    I would have to agree that the purple “EGCOM” does balance out better than the blue, However, I also think that the purple is a little to dark for my tastes. The design looks amazing though, you have really out done yourself, bravo!

    EGCOM Designs has a very nice ring to it and reminds me of my small business branding of ColtonBebop!. I am not sure how I feel about the name now as far as branding goes, but I can relate to having a name that one can identify strongly with after so many years and uses.

    Myself and all of your followers, I am sure, cannot wait to see what you cook up next. Your enthusiasm and dedication are exemplarily, your writing style is flavorful and edgy, and your designs are mag-ni-fic!!

  2. What’s up Elise,

    My outlook is that less is more. I like the blue one the most. My next favorite is the second one(before purple is added). In any case the design is great overall.

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