Greetings, blogosphere! 
So, I didn’t say anything before, mostly because I didn’t want to get anyones hopes up, but I had applied to be a part of the Blogher network …needless to say, I was not accepted. Unfortunately, due to the (I’m certain very overwhelming) amount of interest they get, they couldn’t give individualized feedback as to why I wasn’t accepted. I just didn’t fit what they’re looking for.

Here’s why I’ve decided I didn’t fit:

  • Lately, I don’t post consistently. Not often enough. In fact, since I posted every day in September, I’ve managed to churn out…maybe a post a week. Maybe.
  • Lately, I don’t post enough QUALITY work. I’m not saying that what I DO post is rubbish, I just mean I should have more of what this blog is meant to be — more geeky related crafts!!

With that said, I realise that the overwhelming stress of the holidays, plus life in general, has just beat me down. 🙁 So, while I intend to continue posting, for the rest of this month don’t expect to see stars!! I’m working very hard on a nice, big reboot for CheekyGeeks. I’ll be doing loads of crafts that you’ll get to read about starting in February, & I’m earnestly going to try hard to get 1-2 crafty posts up per week in addition to the Treasury Tuesdays & what-nots that I already post. Ultimately, my goal is: One post per weekday (so Monday through Friday.)
Freebie Friday comes early!
On another note, but an awesome note: I just started watching SHERLOCK on Netflix. OMGFANGIRLSQUEAL! Seriously, guys, I am obsessed with Benedict Cumberbatch. He is…omg. Yes. I’ve been having dreams where I get to solve crimes with Sherlock all week, folks. No joke. Not to mention, as a wee one I just adored the Sherlock stories, so seeing the neat little modernised twists has been just SO much fun!! Now, I don’t want to leave y’all wishing you had some Sherlock of your own, so I created a pretty awesome Facebook banner via microsoft word & ms paint (I’m not at home…so forgive the…quality job here) that I’m down with sharing with y’all!! Yay, Freebie Friday has come early!! Feel free to click the pic>right click the image when it opens>save as, then head on over to your facebook profile & load it as your own banner. Then, dazzle yourself & friends with the glory of delicious hair & amazing English cheekbones! [le sigh]

Sherlock Holmes played by Benedict Cumberbatch is delish. DELISH, guys.

Sherlock Holmes played by Benedict Cumberbatch is delish. DELISH, guys.

Mmm…I hope you all enjoy that banner, there! xD
again, remember, I did this using the most-impressive combo of Microsoft Word & Microsoft Paint, so it is pretty badly done. But it works. (I’ll make a prettier one later, once I’m home!)

What awesome shows are y’all watching?
— Elise M. Gross

6 thoughts on “I am SHERLOCKED!!

  1. If it means anything, I think the Blogher network can be a little overwhelming and stressful to be apart of. I know they have the best intentions, but it’s just not my thing. David and I are about to start watching Sherlock – I know late to the party here!!

    • Yeah I’m hoping to try again next year or 6 months from now. I’m actually focusing on my writing again so I’ve been churning out articles to submit to Yahoo; hopefully something good comes of those. If they do, maybe I’ll get over this rejection! T_T (sob)

      Lol, but seriously, better late than never!! 😀 It’s…what are the kids saying now-a-days?…oh, yes: IT’S AMAZEBALLS. (Gosh, I hope I did that right! :\ I feel so hip, though.) xD You’ll love it. Only 3 glorious 1.5 hour long episodes per season, though. So…cut it down to US terms, that’s, like, 9 episodes? 😉

    • Oh, nooooes!! Seriously? I could have sworn it was on there yesterday when I got on. Double check!! It’s utterly amazing! If it’s no longer there, I’m so sorry…!! T____T

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