Fabulous Friday : Caricatures Away!

This Friday I wanted to share with y’all a little bit of art. I’ve been working on a fantastic little app called ArtStudio (the ‘lite’ version, though.) You see, my wonderfully talented li’l bro asked me to make a cartoon version of him for his newest project, Kerfahn Plays, so he could have a little intro dude on his videos. Here’s what I came up with thus far — mind you, this ended up not being what he wanted, so it’s back to the drawing board for me, but it turned out a pretty sweet bit of artwork, if you ask me:

Kerfahn Plays

He’s not really trapped. I swear.


Yes, I did make this entirely on my iPhone. 
No, it’s not so much a cartoon version as it is a painty version, but it still looks awesome! (I’m pretty proud, can you tell??)
I’ll get back to work on a more cartoon version, but for now, here a couple of sticking points on ArtStudio that I really enjoyed:

  •  It has layer capabilities!!
    That’s such a huge help to have that. Granted, the free version only has a max of 2 layers, but I’m thinking I may pay for the upgrade, because YES.
  • It lets you zoom in on your workspace!!
    Also a HUGE help!! I really like getting in close to get the finer details done on such a little screen. Too many apps seem to not let you do that, & it’s such a pain, even if on the iPad’s bigger screen. It really is a sore point for me. 🙁

In other fun-filled-designy-winey news, I volunteered to help a pal out with the banner for his etsy shop, The Cloaked Paragon. He wants earth tones and that neat sort of “chalk board” design that’s rampant on Pinterest &c. these days. I haven’t had a chance to really get on the computer yet to play with Adobe Photoshop for him, but I did mess around on another app I have called Rhonna Designs. (I love her fonts!!) I made a super simple banner on it — just for fun, mind you!!

The Cloaked ParagonNow, now, I hear you thinking “But El, that’s not even big enough! It doesn’t match his colour choices at all!” & you’d be right. But, again, just playing on an iPad app, having fun. Think of it as more of a “refined sketch.”
However, if I do like the font. Maybe not the CLOAKED part, but that ribbon of solid colour behind it is a nice design element to balance out the rest of it. Hmm… I’m thinking…maybe put up a sweet photo of a forest behind the text instead of those bubbles, maybe all blurry-mystical-like… change the colours of the fonts & swap out the current cloaked font for another font…I can see it. It’s all in mah brain space. You’ll love it. I know it!!

Anyway, what fun things have y’all been working on this year? Anything regarding a resolution?
— Elise M. Gross

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