Monday Madness!!

Well hey there, everyone!! 😀 Didjya miss me??

As y’all may recall (rhyme!) we recently moved in to our new apartment. I’ve been sloooooowly unpacking everything — there’s just not enough time in the day, I swear! Dx Bah.
I’ll post a pic of the craft room each week to show you my progress, but for now, here’s a shot of my room from two weeks ago:


This was shortly after we moved in. Stuff EVERYWHERE!!
Here’s my amazing IKEA EXPIDIT shelf — after much contemplation, I decided to use it to store my cloth. ;D Before deciding this, I had been storing my (MASS) amount of cloth in an armoire…needless to say, that wasn’t working.


Aaaaand here’s where we’re at as of this last weekend:



As you can see, I’ve been organising my cloth in to like-colours, though apparently I’ve an abundance of blues!! This weekend, I’ll be working on this room even more. See that little organising holder thingy back behind my chair? I want to get an awesome pegboard to hang up over my sewing/craft table!! I plan to frame the peg board out with some moulding, & as an extra bit of fun, I have some paaaaaaint…!!!! Eeeee!! ;D

In other news, I need y’all’s help!! I’ve recently acquired a lovely little electronic typewriter — a Smith-Corona Coronet Automatic 12, to be exact — & I really want to take it from drab to FAB!!

Here’s what this type writer looks like:

Ganked from a google search!

Ganked from a google search!

It’s cute, but it’s blue on blue….& not a blue that inspires me!! :{ I’d like to use the leftover tester paints I have to give my lovely typewriter a makeover!! I’ve come up with some sketches & colour combos… I outlined the ones I’m most fond of below.


Okay let’s start with the purple/orange combo. I LOVE IT. It’s so BRIGHT & very me, buuuut…. I am pretty sensitive to bright things, so I fear that over time my eyes would grow weary looking at it. 🙁 Though, that awesome POP of colour would definitely wake one up!!

Next, the blue/teal, purple, and lime green one… I really love this one. The colours are wonderful, they pop without hurting my eyes… I could really see this working out for me.

Those are really the top two contenders, but you can see I have other colour combos, some colored in, some just placed. What do y’all think? I’m going for bright, and the colours I have at my disposal range from blue to purple, to orange to pink. Just bright!!

What colours would you suggest I choose for this typewriter?

— Elise M. Gross

One thought on “Monday Madness!!

  1. I preference the purple and orange one but the blue/teal, purple, & lime green one is very spectacular and think it would work! The craft room is looking immaculate, you’ve really out done yourself! P.S. the peg board idea is brilliant.

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