It’s Alive!! Another Whovian Wednesday!!

Deep in the dark, decaying depths of a dank, dismal dungeon, a horror is lurking…growing…LiViNg!!!! EeeeEeEeEeeeEeEeEEEeeee!!!!!


It’s….it’s…!! IT’S ALIVE!!

(Cough) Ahem! Well, hello, everyone! It’s awfully nice to be back in the ol’ blog-o-sphere. I sure have felt out of sorts not getting any posts in, especially after that month long posting marathon!! Hoho!

Luckily, though, even with all the moving and unpacking (which is STILL going on, ugh!) I’ve managed to squeeze a few crafts in. Well…not all “crafts,” per se, but neat things that I photographed & will include instructions to make/do your own. 😉 Stay tuned!

As you all may or may not (but totally SHOULD) know by now, the Doctor Who 50th anniversary episode is coming up soon!! I can tell you one thing for certain — we are going to PAR. TAAAAAY!!!!! It’s gonna be sweet, & I’ve got all sorts of awesome crafts just buzzing around in my head in honour of this one-of-a-kind occasion!!
As a super-spectacular-special treat for everyone, Mr. Cash Money has gifted us another awesome installment of those Whovian Wednesdays that every one loved!! So, without further ado, here’s Cory “Cash Money” with this weeks Whovian Wednesday post!!

Countdown to the 50th: 31 Days


For Whovians who cannot wait for November 23rd to get here, for those fans who can’t stand how many stories from the 1960’s are lost, and for anyone who just wants more of The Doctor, RIGHT NOW — GOOD NEWS EVERYONE!!!

Last week, it was announced by the BBC that nine episodes of the Fifth Season of Doctor Who were recovered in Jos, Nigeria, thanks to the efforts of Philip Morris of Television International Enterprises Archive (not to be confused with the Marlboro Man.) As a result, the entire stories of ‘The Enemy of the World’ and ‘The Web of Fear’ (except episode 3) now exist in the BBC Archives.

Now, for those of you who don’t know, the BBC Engineering Department and BBC Enterprises had a policy of junking old episodes of television shows, mostly black and white television, from 1967 to 1968 for the purpose of recycling videotape and film. When BBC Enterprises began junking in 1972, they thought the BBC had archived these episodes, but never bothered to check, so by 1978, the junking policy had ended with 47 existing videotape copies of the 1960’s ‘Doctor Who’ in the BBC Film Library, and 54 film episodes added to the library by BBC Enterprises, with 152 episodes still missing from the archives.

Since 1978, that count had been brought down to 106, with the largest haul coming from the National Film and Television Archive from BFI, when eight episodes from Season 6 were discovered in 1978 after the BBC had compiled their archive, including six episodes of the Season 6 finale ‘The War Games’.  Afterwards, the most episodes discovered in a single group before last week was from Hong Kong in 1991, when all four episodes of ‘The Tomb of the Cybermen’ were recovered. And now that we’ve had this great find in Nigeria, the total missing episodes are down to 97!!!

Now as we gear up for the 50th anniversary, feel free to catch up with two great stories featuring the first UNIT episode, The Great Intelligence, the Doctor versus his doppelganger, and all featuring one of the best actors to take up the role! As usual, I’ve included a short list of great recovered stories to pass the time between now and ‘The Day of the Doctor’, Enjoy!

 Complete Found Stories

The Time Meddler
The Tomb of the Cybermen
The Enemy of the World
The War Games
Death to the Daleks

 Also, as a reminder to anyone in the area in and around Grapevine, TX, The British Emporium will be hosting their annual Doctor Who Day this Sunday, October 27th from Noon to 4 p.m. Also, they will be screening a serial (site as of yet undetermined, but likely Area 51 Gaming, the shop next door.) I’ve suggested ‘The Web of Fear’, but we will have to see…

–Cash Money

Alright guys, get ready as we launch back in to steady-ish postings yet again! I’m going to attempt to go back to the Monday through Friday schedule I had before, with maybe a day off in between (as it’s still rpetty busy here!), but I won’t be able to post on the weekends, as I’ve got loads to do those days. 🙁 someday, though, someday… [sigh]

Everyone have an AWESOME DAY!!!
— Elise M. Gross

2 thoughts on “It’s Alive!! Another Whovian Wednesday!!

  1. A big thanks to Elise and Cory ‘Cash Money’, for this inspirational and news filled post! I, myself fell in love with the Doctor Who series about a year and a half ago courtesy of my boyfriend and his amazing crew of friends. This show provides excellent and unique actors and actresses along with, unimaginable worlds and unfathomable creatures and villains. I’ve had personal conversations with Cory and he is definitely a guy who knows his stuff and shows the best kind of interest, for someone who is passionate about works of art. I cannot wait for upcoming posts from Elise and to experience/ soak in her creative wonders and knowledge.

    • Aww, shucks, Colton!! You’re such a sweetie!! :d I look forward to sharing my awesome ideas with y’all & will hopefully be doing something fun for Halloween soon, craft-wise..! Hehe!

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