Treasury Tuesday : DinoRAWRs!!

[stomp! STOMP!]

The mighty Tyrannasaurus stomps through the wilderness, seeking his next meal… what’s that? A rustle from the underbrush? Suddenly, a fierce Triceratops coming charging out of the bushes, racing towards the mighty T-Rex’s little ankles. A fight ensues! Blood is shed! Only one comes out the winner, the other the victim.

Today’s Treasury Tuesday features some of the coolest fiercest creatures ever to roam the Earth, & it’s appropriately titled DinoRAWRs!!

‘DinoRAWRs!!’ by egcom

[stomp! STOMP!]
Featured on this weeks Treasury Tuesday for Geek Month:

Raw Means I Love You 4 print set 8x10 Print - vankale
Raw Means I Love Yo…

Triceratops and ROAR Stacking Acrylic Rings, Dinosaur Ring, standing Dinosaur in Perspex. Plexiglass jewellery. - designosaurYEAH
Triceratops and ROA…

20 Dinosaur Pinback Buttons - 20 One Inch Assorted Pinback Buttons - Dinosaur Pins, Dinosaur Favour, Dinosaur Party - MyButtonBuddy
20 Dinosaur Pinback…

DINOSAUR SKULL Necklace SET Plastic All 11 including Triceratops, T Rex, U S Free Shipping, Dino - ChinnyFlynny


Vintage Dinosaur  Iridescence metallic earrings and brooch set - CHARMRI
Vintage Dinosaur I…

Dino- handmade plush animal - alelale
Dino- handmade plus…

Stegasaurus Dino Ornie/ Small Sculpture - uncommoncreatures
Stegasaurus Dino Or…

Tyrannosaurus Rex T-rex Dinosaur Decorative Light Switch Plate Cover Great for Children Kids Room Decor - idillard
Tyrannosaurus Rex T…

Admiral Triceratops Portrait Plate - Altered Antique Plate - BeatUpCreations
Admiral Triceratops…

Rawr Dino 1" Pendant Necklace - or 2 for 20 - Happy cute kawaii baby dinosaur t-rex - ReLove - ReLovePlanet
Rawr Dino 1″ P…

Mounted Dinosaur Triceratops Head on Dark Wood Laser Cut Wood Brooch - HungryDesigns
Mounted Dinosaur Tr…

Stygimoloch Lady Wearing Fancy Hat - ORIGINAL ARTWORK - Dictionary Art Print Vintage Upcycled Antique Book Page no.10 - MadameBricolagePrint
Stygimoloch Lady We…

Vintage Imperial Dinosaur, Vintage Toy - AbbyandMartha
Vintage Imperial Di…

Godzilla - Poster - (Select a Size) - RonGuyatt
Godzilla – Poster -…

Yellow Dinosaur Rawr Greeting Card - ktcrawford
Yellow Dinosaur Raw…


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Cheers, everyone!! 😀
— Elise M. Gross

3 thoughts on “Treasury Tuesday : DinoRAWRs!!

  1. What’s up Elise? Dinosaurs are fascinating. Jurassic Park is one of my favorite movies. I remember watchig the Dinosaurs sitcom as a kid. One of my brothers had a “Not the Mama” t-shirt.

    • That’s awesome!! xD I wish I had one of those shirts! Haha!! But Jurassic Park is pretty awesome — I almost included it, but decided against it. 🙂

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