Throwback Thursday : Retro-themed craft round-up!

After endless hours of scouring the interwebs, pinning, laughing, & “O.M.G!”s, I have finally achieved the ultimate victory… the perfect collection of rad-retro, gleefully-geeky DIY’s & tutorials!! For lumpin’ sake, guys, it took me, liek, forever..! (it feels) NOW, I bring to you: 9 TOTALLY RAD & GEEKY DIY’s!

These are some of my favourites, & they’re all on my Pinterest board “Geeky DIYs”, of course. 😉

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  1. Knit Mushroom Hand Warmers from Vickie Howell
  2. USB PEZ dispenser  from CraftyCrafty (still works as PEZ dispenser!)
  3. Linux Penguin Knitting Pattern for mittens from Flibbertigibbet
  4. Circuit board Lamps by IKEA Hackers
  5. Upcyled Cassette Coin Purse from Chezlin
  6. Mac-O-Lantern’s from Fusebox
  7. Rubik’s Cube Halloween Costume by Peterthehun
  8. Spirograph Necklace by supersoftdrink (I ADORED those toys as a kid!!)
  9. Make Your Own Muppet with Jim Henson (video!)

Anyone know any other retro geek crafts I should try out?? I can’t wait to create those kick-@$$ circuit board lamps!! And that PEZ dispensing USB..! And that sweet Spirograph necklace..! Aww, heck, I can’t wait to make them all! 😀 (Though I doubt I’ll get to do that Mac-O-Lantern one anytime soon… :\ Still, it’s pretty cool, eh?)

Tomorrow’s another Free-for-All Friday!! ‘Til then!
— Elise M. Gross

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