Technology Thursday : Blast-off!!

What’s that up there in the sky? Is it a bird?? A plane?! No!! It’s a ROCKETSHIP!! Pew-pew-pew!!! Aaaaah!!!

What? Psh. None of your wise cracks, you!

Today’s Technology Thursday focuses on the wonders of a fantastic app that I’m still learning the in’s & out’s of: AnimationDesk

There’s a ton of features to this app — I haven’t even begun to break through the first layer! In short: it’s an animation app. It allows you to work frame by frame to create an animation. Since I’m still learning it, I don’t have many complaints, but here are some neat features I’ve found thus far:

    • There are multiple pallets regarding colour to choose from, with the option of creating your own.


  • You can drag & drop frames, delete, & rearrange as you see fit.
  • There’s a “duplicate current frame” option along with a “blank” frame option.
  • If you’re nervous about your animation not being fluid, you have the capability to turn on the “light box”, which allows you to view the previous two frames, the previous & next frame, or the next two frames (all opaque, as if through the sheets of paper on — you guessed it — a light box!)
  • If you’re confused, there’s plenty of help in the tutorials & help sections.
  • There’s a fantastic exclusive community producing some amazing works already! You can only check them out via the app. You can also join & upload your own animations, & participate in contests. There are plenty of animations online, too, & some neat groups formed around the app, as well!
  • They have pre-made backgrounds to choose from — static or dynamic! — or you could even upload your own.
  • Upload your finished animations to YouTube!
  • You can select from multiple tools — from crayon to calligraphy pen!


There’s so much I haven’t even seen yet, but I know you can import images from other apps like notes, you can add sounds, & more!! What a marvelous tool for iDevices. 😀

The only drawback as far as I can tell is that there’s only 3 “layers” to your animations — the foreground, middle ground, & background. I could be mistaken, though, since I’m still playing with this awesome app. I’ll be sure to keep y’all updated! 😉

Until then, in honour of Geek Month’s 2nd week, here’s a “crayon” drawn Sci-Fi themed animation!! (It’s very sketchy, & apparently I accidentally deleted some frames… :\ Still, how exciting!)

Has anyone else tried this awesome app out? What have you made or seen that’s totally rad?!

— Elise M. Gross

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