Star Trek Sunday : How to Create your own Starship Enterprise PLUS Klingon Bird of Prey

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Good afternoon everybody & welcome to our second week of Geek month!! This weeks theme is “Sci-Fi,” or science fiction to all you non-geeks out there!! Did you guys know that today is also Grandparents Day here in the U.S.A.?? Have you all called your Grannies & Pops to wish them a happy Grandparents Day? 😉 In honour of Grandma (you know, from 2 Geeks & a Grandma,) we’re making today Star Trek themed!! To celebrate this awesome day, I’ll be showing you guys how to make your very own super geeky Star Trek Enterprise ship using some scissors & an old 3 & 1/2 inch floppy* disk.
*not actually the floppy kind! xD

Create your own Starship USS Enterprise and Klingon Bird of Prey warship from Star Trek - a tutorial for geek month on cheekygeeks

Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. Scissors
  2. 3 & 1/2″ floppy disk (with a metal shutter, not a plastic one!)
  3. The strength to boldly go where no Geek has gone before
  4. A pencil or pen

Supplies needed to create your own Starship Enterprise

Also, for safety reasons, please be aware that this project can get sharp, so be extra cautious when handling!

First Step:
Carefully pry off the shutter from the plastic disc, being careful not to bend or break it. Pop open the disc, remove the innards! Mwahahaha! Set all insides aside for other purposes.

Remove the innards of the floppy disc

Second Step:
Take the little metal piece that was in the center of the floppy & carefully remove the plastic media part from it, leaving you with just the center disc. This can be done by either carefully snipping through the media with scissors, then pulling it off, or simply pulling it off. It’s your preference.

Simply cut off the media...
...or pop it off!!

Step Three:
Grab that little shutter piece, & snip through the thinner side of metal, separating it from the big section of metal. Then, a little more than halfway down, carefully push the big sides down at about a 90 degree angle or slightly more.

Grab and cut...
...snip snip!

Step Four:
Using your pencil or pen, roll the edges of the shutter that will create the Nacelles around the pen or pencil to create those sexy tube shapes (I ended up switching to a chopstick)! Some people choose to just fold up at another 90 degree angle instead of roll, which is okay, too! It just depends on your patience level — I chose to roll & got impatient, so one of my Nacelles snap off! 🙁 Take your time on this part if you choose to roll them, & pause to give the metal time to cool off. If it gets too warm it’s more likely to break.

Roll up the flap to form the ships nacelles

Now, at this point you can simply go to the next step if you don’t want to make more sharp edges. If you want a more “realistic looking” starship, you could cut in to the larger metal pieces to get more of the proper shape of the Enterprise (because I broke my Nacelles, I chose to skip that this time.) Afterwards, you should probably sand the edges you cut to keep them from destroying your hands when you handle the ship.

A halfway completed Starship USS Enterprise

Step Five:
Place that tiny circular metal disc gently over the previously snipped tall bits, letting it rest inside the open section. (Some people cut the tall metal parts in half going down so the disc fits over them, but I just snipped in to the big parts near the bottom & twisted the disc in to where I cut. It added more security this way, too.) Carefully fold the protruding parts down & around the disc to hide them & secure the disc in place. If you look closely you can see that when I folded the bigger pieces under I was able to tuck them in to each other. If you can’t get yours to stay, try a dot of hot glue!

Fold the tall bits over the metal disc

You should now be the proud owner of a miniature USS Enterprise Starship!! Show off to all your lesser friends!

A completed USS Enterprise starship from Star Trek

Bonus Tutorial:
Do you have a 2nd floppy disc lying around? Want to give your Enterprise something to do battle with? How about a Klingon Warship, the Bird of Prey?! Ooooh yeah! I found this awesome tutorial here on how to make one in 10 steps, but here’s what I did:

Step One:
Pop off the metal shutter, snip the thinnest parts closest to the more narrow side of the shutter.

Klingon bird of prey first step

Step Two:
Fold the large bits to nearly a 45 degree angle to create the “wings” … Leave the little metal pieces as they are; they will be your ships Disruptors. (I forgot to take a photo at this point! Sorry!)

Step Three:
Now this next part is a bit tricky. In order to create the cabin of the ship, you’ll need to fold the front sections at an angle, so bend the metal at a 45 degree angle, not straight out. See the pic for a better idea.

Fold at 45 degree angle

Step Four:
Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to fold one of those flaps over & around, tucking it in to the center to secure. After that, fold the other flap, fashioning it around that first flap. If you need to secure it with a bit of glue, do so now.

Fold and tuck flap
If you need, glue that sucker down

You should have something resembling a Bird of Prey now.

Klingon warship bird of prey made from a floppy disc

Now, over the years, the Star Fleet has encountered many different types of birds of Prey, so I decided I wanted mine to look a bit more like the first Klingon Starship ever observed in the Star Trek franchise, the D7-Class. (In my opinion, the most frightening looking one!) So I bent the wings to be shaped a bit more like the D7-Class ship, while still retaining the piece’s structural integrity.

A DIY USS Enterprise and a D7-Class Klingon Bird of Prey Warship


Time to get our play on!! Do you guys have any other uses for old floppy discs? Share in the comments!!

— Elise M. Gross

10 thoughts on “Star Trek Sunday : How to Create your own Starship Enterprise PLUS Klingon Bird of Prey

    • Aww that is SO SWEET!! Thank you so much!! I feel so special!! xD
      And it’s really awesome to know that Geek Month is being enjoyed!! 😀 I really love knowing that folks are enjoying it!

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  3. Yeah, this totally looks like something I could come up with, not! How on earth do you come up with these cool ideas? Would love to see an AT-AT from you, also with basic pieces so I can make one myself.

    • Hey thanks Aaron! I didn’t come up with this concept on my own, but modified it a tad. A AT-AT one sounds like a pretty cool idea, though!! Guess I’ll have to get on making some designs!! 😀

  4. Totally awesome little gift that child could make! Geek lovers would be so happy to get this type of gift!

    • Hey Jessica, thanks!! It is pretty simple, & a child probably could do it! Of course, you’ll want to supervise little hands as the metal can get a bit sharp, depending on the floppy used! And when cutting, of course. If I could find enough floppies I’d make these for all of my friends! Lol!!

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