Sevi Saturday: Fantasy Week – The Legend of Drizzt

Happy Saturday, everybody!!! I do so love Saturdays… Sleeping in, staying up late, & …..SEVI!! That’s right, folks!! Everyone’s favourite Drunken Seamstress will be joining us each Saturday during our Geek Month celebration with her humorous take on the world! (Hooray!!) ^_^

Without further ado…Sevi!!

Well hello there fellow Geeks! It’s yours truly, Sevi, and I am here for Sevi’s Spectacular and Geekalicious Saturdays for Geek Month! Ok, I may be over doing that…. Anywho, I’m here and ready to share the sweet demise of a little fantasy that took over my life.

It was 2008 and we had become addicted. WareBear and I tend to become stage 5 clingers when we find something that peaks both of our interests.

Never in a million years did I think it would consume our lives.

“Is my story fully told? I think not.” – Drizzt

Beside Harry Potter, this was my first exploration into the fantasy genre. Mind you, the man had tried numerous times to get me to read The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. Why bother when they already have movies…and Orlando Bloom?!?

The Dark Elf was foreign to me. I resisted. I refused. I swore up and down that I wouldn’t have any interests in these books.

Image of Drizzt (c) respective owner FOREVER!

Image of Drizzt (c) respective owner FOREVER!

From the moment I started Homeland of The Dark Elf Trilogy, I was whisked into the story of Drizzt, his conquests, inner demons, and the ideals that he possessed as a dark elf. The sudden urge to know more was infectious as I breezed through each novel. The stories evolved and the characters became family to me. From Catti-Brie, Guenhwyvar (who doesn’t want a magical black panther?!?), Bruenor Battlehammer, and Wulfgar you gained a sense of belonging as their stories weaved together into a beautiful work of art.

R.A. Salvatore easily took away a few months of my life as I wandered the realms with Drizzt, Guenhwyvar, and their close knit dysfunctional family to places that only a true genius could come up with.

There was fear and uncertainty. There were epic battles and kings crowned. There was undeniable love. The Legend of Drizzt was a world awakening for my life.

I leave you with this…

“I will always love you Drizzt Do’Urden […] My life was full and without regret because I knew you and was completed by you. Sleep well, my love.” – Catti Brie

Oh but get this, I still have a few other books to read in the series – just waiting to finish up this Masters before I succumb another 6 months to Mr. Salvatore and Drizzt…

With that, we wrap up Fantasy Week here on CheekyGeeks, & prepare for next weeks theme: Sci-Fi!! We hope y’all are as excited as we are to delve in to one of our favourite geeky subjects, & look forward to seeing you there!! 😉

— Elise M. Gross

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