Make it Retro Monday!!

Do you miss the good ol’ days? The little white dots lining the halls, the tasty cherries just sitting there for the taking? Ooooh, & those BIG white dots? So tasty, yes?? All them little blue ghosties running away, but OH-SO-TASTY. 😀

Don’t you wish we could return to those days? Well, today we do, with a super awesome PACMAN button! I’ve upcycled my old button I had from a previous jeans month just for this project, & it turned out wonderfully!! Here’s our super easy upcycled PACMAN PACLOVE button tutorial!

First off, supplies:

  • Polymer clay
  • Old button(s) you’ve got lying about the place
  • Scissors or exacto knife

Supplies to make a Pacman paclove button!

First up, cut off/tear off the plastic & design from your old button, leaving behind a shiney metal button! Take your polymer clay colour of choice, roll it out, & wrap it around that lovely button.


Next, roll out a red piece, snip out a “pixelated” shaped heart, press it down on to your button of awesome.


Then, roll out two lovely little balls of yellow (either even or one slightly smaller, whichever you prefer… I made one smaller.) 😉 Flatten them, then cut out little pac-mouths with your scissors, knife, or what-not. Place them on your button, press down carefully so as not to smoosh them, but to make sure they attach. 🙂


I then created a lovely bow using the same methods as the cute mouse tutorial & affixed it to the Mrs PACMAN carefully.


At this point, I placed the button on a little baking sheet & baked this guy for 10 minutes at about 230 degrees fahrenheit , checked it, decided it could bake a teensy bit more, & baked for 5 more minutes. Afterwards, I pulled it out, let it cool, & now all that’s left to do is decide if I want to gloss it or not — it is pretty cool the way it is!! 😉



Have a wonderful night, folks, & I’ll see you for a retro-tastic Treasury Tuesday tomorrow!! ;D

— Elise M. Gross

One thought on “Make it Retro Monday!!

  1. Remember playing pacman when I was young on one of those old arcade machines at the Rustler Steakhouse. It was in the early 80’s when it first came out LOL they also had space invaders. brings me back! Love this!

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