Introducing Geek Month

Welcome, everyone, to the first annual celebration of Geek Month, where we celebrate all things geek. As Wil Wheaton said, it’s not what you love that makes you a geek, but how you love it. This month, each week is going to have a theme, starting with this week: Fantasy! Everything from D&D to LotR, even to the magical world of Harry Potter will be celebrated. Unfortunately, we only have 30 days to geek out, so we probably won’t get to cover every kind of geek possible, but we’ll be darned if we don’t try!! xD

To help ring in our celebration, we have comic artist Jeremy Kerns of webcomic The Garage here with a special comic just for you guys here on Cheeky Geeks!

The Garage

Created exclusively for CheekyGeeks by Jeremy Kerns.

Alright everyone! Here’s the line up for the month:

  • Week 1: Fantasy
  • Week 2: Sci-Fi
  • Week 3: Retro
  • Week 4: DinoRAWRs!!
  • 29th & 30th: Super surprises!

Throughout the month we’ll be sticking to true CheekyGeek fashion & doing plenty of geeky themed DIY’s , which we’ll be putting in to a few SUPER AWESOME GIVEAWAY PACKS!!! Woooo! The giveaways will be filled with plenty of other tasty & geekalicious treats, too! Be sure to check back often, & link up using the below link to get your first entry in to the giveaway, then leave a comment saying you linked & where for your second one! You’ll get more opportunities to get entries throughout the month, as well!

Geek Month Badge 2013

<a href=""><img alt="" src="" /></a>

We’re out celebrating the Labor Day weekend here in the states, but we’ll be back home later & you’ll be able to find links to all of our guest posters up on the CheekyGeeks home page later today! 😀

How will you guys be celebrating Geek Month?
— Elise M. Gross

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