Free-for-all Friday : How to Draw a Rocket Ship

tutorial on how to draw a rocket ship from


Now before any of you guys get all huffy, I took some liberties — I know fire could not exist in the vaccuum of outer space! What sort of rocket ships have you drawn? Share in the comments!! 😀
— Elise M. Gross

5 thoughts on “Free-for-all Friday : How to Draw a Rocket Ship

    • Hahahaha!! I do love me some mean stick figures!! I bet you could draw a pretty awesome rocket ship, though. 😉 It can be made from any shapes at all — even all circles!! xD

    • Absolutely agreed, Danielle!! You could have the kiddos make a bunch of construction paper rockets & then mod podge them on something awesome, like a dresser! Or make a little journal — the imagination soars! 😀

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