Factual & Free for all Friday : DinoRAWRs!!

Has anyone else noticed there’s usally about 3 or 5 kinds of dinosaurs featured in most movies and shows? You know, the Triceratops, the Stegasaurus, and the king of all dinosaurs: the Tyrannosaurus Rex? What if I told you that there were hundreds — if not thousands — of different dinos? And what if I told you that even my favourite dinosaur, the Triceratops, was only a smaller genus of a larger family of dinosaurs called Ceratopsians! That explains why I sometimes wonder why a “triceratops” only has two horns, or their frills (that crazy big head gear) look WAAAY bigger than it ought to! Hehe!

During my research in to dinosaurs, I came across some pretty neat resources on dinosaurs that I’ll share further down, and I’ll share some of my favourite facts with you, too! 😀

First up, the facts:

  • Pterosaurs and aquatic reptiles aren’t actually dinosaurs. A dinosaur is a land-dwelling reptile that had specific skeletal & other anatomical traits.
  • Triceratops didn’t actually have 3 horns! They had two large horns on their head, but the shorter, stubby one on their face/nose was actually made of a different material!
  • Raptors had feathers!
  • Fossilization is actually an extremely rare process. Most fossils discovered only date back to the Jurassic & Cretacious eras, leaving huge spans of time (and across certain continents) unaccounted for.
  • The word “dinosaur” actually means “terrible lizard” — however, dinosaurs are not really lizards!

If you’re interested in reading (LOADS) more info on these awesome creatures, check out some of these sites:

I really wanted to do a dinosaur related craft for y’all today, however, due to time constraints and a majority of my craft supplies being packed up, I’ve instead opted to post another tutorial round-up, linking to all sorts of fun & classy Dino projects you can create on your own! There are plenty of dinosaur related kids crafts on the interwebs, so I searched long & hard for tutorials that would be great for adults who have a dino-loving-inner-child. 😉 After all, we could all use a few more dinosaur items around the house!

Presenting the dinosaur-diy-round-up:

DIY Dinosaur Tutorial Round-Up from CheekyGeeks

  1. DIY Dino Lamp by With Dirt On Our Face
  2. Up-cycled Dinosaur Planter by Something Monumental
  3. Tiny Dinosaur Candles (in spanish, but plenty of photos, so easy to follow along!) by Pupila-Pixel
  4. Corn-asaurus Holders by Paging Fun Mums
  5. Dino Pencil Toppers by Adore
  6. Dinosaur Treat Tray by Three Little Monkeys Studio
  7. Dino-socks Tutorial by boysGerms
  8. Dinosaur Hoodie DIY by Ginger & George

I hope you all enjoyed today’s round-up!! Remember, when life gives you lemons, ROOOOOOAAARRRR!!!!!!
— Elise M. Gross

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