1st Annual Geek Month Celebration Ends

Geek Month Badge 2013

Well, folks, it’s the last day of September & we’re wrapping up the first official Geek Month celebration here on CheekyGeeks. It’s been a very hectic month, but fullfilling & fun! I’ve learned a few things along the way, as well, such as:

  • Give myself more than a few weeks to prepare for next year — in fact, start now!! xD
  • Try to get as many posts ready before hand as possible, including guest posts.
  • Give guest posters enough of an advanced warning that they get post prepared ahead of time, too.
  • Schedule posts ahead of time to lessen the blow in emergencies (like how we had to move, so I missed a couple of days!)
  • Have some extra posts ready, in case something falls through.
  • Work on getting the word out for next year! 😀
  • Keep doing Whovian Wednesdays, at least once a month.
  • You can’t do a give-a-way without promoting it! Duh!

Like I mentioned, I really had so much fun doing this! It was quite a challenge I set for myself, & though I sort of messed up this last week (I didn’t realise we’d be moving again — d’oh!) & missed a couple of days, this whole experience was well worth it.

I’d really like to take the time to thank our guest posters, as well!! Even though some things came up & a couple couldn’t do the last two weeks, we really enjoyed having them, & the feedback on our guest posts was awesome! 😀 We truly hope to see them back next year, along with a few other faces!!

Thank you’s for:

Cory “Cash Money” Bowers — Whovian Wednesdays

Danielle from On The Upcycle — Retro Week Upcycle Post

Jeremy Kerns, creator of The Garage Webcomic — Comic 1, 2, 3, 4

Sevi Ware from Vodka Makes You Happy Savi Saturday’s

thegarage On The Upcycle witv

Next year I plan on trying to fit even more in — & we absolutely will not have a single day missed no matter what!! So get excited, y’all! xD
As for this next month, it’s HALLOWEEN!!! Hooray!! Besides loads of geekery (as usual), we’ll be doing some pretty cool crafts. I’m also very excited to introduce an “Emergency Preparedness Kit DIY” week! During that week, we’ll be doing all sorts of neat DIY’s and crafts that will actually help us create our very own Emergency Preparedness Kit — the kids can join in, too!
Of course, don’t forget all the bat, ghouls, witches, ghosts, and more creepy crawlies headed your way! Oooohh….Halloween is my 2nd favourite holiday, so I just cannot wait!!

As for the rest of this week, we’re moving (as I’ve mentioned) & will actually be without the internet for a couple of days, but even if we had a connection, I don’t think we’ll honestly have the time to get anything posted. I’ll try, but I make no promises!! Ohh— though maybe I’ll take y’all on a virtual tour, eh? ;D Fun!

If you don’t hear from me before then, I’ll see you all next week, back on our regular Monday-Friday schedule! 😀

— Elise M. Gross

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