Treasury Tuesday : Pop Fizz!!

Okay, I know, it’s technically not Tuesday, it’s Wednesday… but stuff came up!! I’m so sorry. 🙁 Forgive me??
Don’t worry, though, I did remember! However, I’ve decided that — for now! — I’m only going to do Treasury Tuesday every *other* Tuesday, with a Technology Tuesday or something else equally awesome wedged in to the other weeks. What do you think?

I’m so excited for this week’s theme — it was one of my absolute favourite ones to build!!  It’s titled Pop Fizz!! (Can you guess what the theme is?!?) Bwahahaha..!!

‘Pop Fizz!!’ by egcom

Pop! Whoooosh! Fizz….slurp!
Mmm…this collection is inspired by our favourite bubbly drinks, and the cool things done with them..! 😉

Soda Can Airplane, Recycled Aluminum Can, Sunkist Orange Soda - TwiceBakedArts
Soda Can Airplane, …

Mango Upcycled Soda Can Rose Earrings - JnzAlteredArt
Mango Upcycled Soda…

Upcycled Soda Pop Can Poppies Wall Art - RainyRootsStudio
Upcycled Soda Pop C…

1940's Squirt Bottle Lamp with Copper Trim - haphazardcreativity
1940’s Squirt B…

Aluminum Blooms Flower Cuff (Pink Rockstar) aluminum soda pop can reycled jewelry - AluminumBlooms
Aluminum Blooms Flo…

XOXO Original Soda Can Collage 8 x 10  with Black Mat Board Recycled Aluminum - creationsbyingrid1
XOXO Original Soda …

Recycled Beer Can Cardinals Baseball Charm Bracelet Red White Blue - beforethelandfill
Recycled Beer Can C…

Large Black Upcycled Crochet Pop Tab Bag - Flor7
Large Black Upcycle…

Grape Soda Stego Soap - YeungerMoxey
Grape Soda Stego So…

Soda Tab Chainmaile Skirt - MechMadnessDesigns
Soda Tab Chainmaile…

Bottle cap- resin inlay- blue owl -necklace-soda can tab -mixed media-recycle,FREE shipping - tamirodrig
Bottle cap- resin i…

6 7Up Votive Candles Lemon Lime Soda Scent - WoodcraftsandCandles
6 7Up Votive Candle…

Dr. Pepper Lamp - Totally Cool Vintage Soda Can Lamp from the 1960's - obscurearchive
Dr. Pepper Lamp – T…

Shampoo Trio, Dr. Pepper, Mountain Dew and Pepsi - type scents - Digitalsoaps
Shampoo Trio, Dr. P…

Starry Starry Night - made with soda pop cans - MetalArtXpressions
Starry Starry Night…

Dr. Pepper wind chime mobile from recycled bottle - ceeglass
Dr. Pepper wind chi…


Treasury tool by StylishHome.

Ooooooohhh!!! I do SO love love LOVE this collection!! Isn’t that Starry Night art piece from soda cans just INSANE?!? & I friggin’ LOVE that skirt! Though, the earrings are pretty sweet, &…gah!! I want it ALL!!

Stay tuned for some pretty exciting things! I know I keep saying I’m cooking up some crazy stuff, but I promise PROMISE you guys it’ll be awesome!!

— Elise M. Gross

2 thoughts on “Treasury Tuesday : Pop Fizz!!

    • I know, right?!? I had a crazy urge to look up soda stuff one night on Etsy (mainly due to those awesome soda shampoos up there) & discovered a pretty awesome world of crafters who upcycle! If you get a chance, you should seriously search Etsy for “soda pop” & see all of the things folks make with old cans…mind=blown.

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