Keep Calm & Carry….YODA?!

Hello everyone… I’ll be honest, today started off pretty great, but it went to crap pretty quickly. Long story short, I’m getting charged fees when I was told I wouldn’t be, but because I didn’t “get it in writing,” the lady I had spoken with earlier last week says she “doesn’t really remember” our conversation. I was so furious after talking to her today that I scared my poor co-worker. Eeeerrrg….!!! So what did I decide to do to help relax? Why, I needed the inspirational motivation of one of those “Keep Calm Carry On” posters, but nothing was helping me feel better!! So I made my own, well suited for me, & I will gladly share this with you all today. Feel free to share this — let it’s joy spread across all of the interwebs in all of it’s GLORY!! [cough] I digress. Here it is:



Share this. Share it with everyone you meet.

This makes me so very, very happy inside. Let it go fourth to frolick with the memes!! [tears up] *sniffle*

By the way, anyone who knows me knows that I am SUCH a Star Wars fanatic. Granted, I generally side with the …shall we say, darker side of things? But this just popped in to my head & made me feel so much better that I had to actually make it. I love it.

— Elise M. Gross



Star Wars Family Car Decals


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