Free-for-all Friday!!

Here we are, another Friday drawing to a close. My deepest apologies for no Technology Thursday post yesterday…This week has been…well, long. Haha! Yet as I relax here near the window, letting the cool breeze & shaded sun filter in to play over my skin, I feel rather poetic. (Contented sigh)


It felt so sublime, in fact, I had to bust out the vinyl player & put on some swing hits of the 40’s to groove to. Alls I needs now is a little Amaretto in a glass with some Whiskey Stones* (to keep it cool without watering it down.)

*I bought some of these this past Christmas for a friend & we got a free set from a special ThinkGeek was running. They are AWESOME.

Now it’s time to prepare for our evening of nerdiness. (MTG &/or D&D, here we come!) As a side note, I *did* finally begin postingto my instagram account again!! Huzzah!
Until tomorrow, friends!

— Elise M. Gross

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