Countdown to Geek Month

Good glorious Friday, everyone!! 😀
It’s been crazy hectic this week as we prepare to launch the first week of GEEK MONTH here at CheekyGeeks!
There are post-it notes all OVER the house with ideas, DIYs strewn about like a ‘nader ran through here, & the camera is so full it’s bursting at the seams gigabytes! Utter, glorious, delicious madness!! [does insane happy dance]

“No room! No room! Move down!” (Can anyone guess where that’s from?!) In fact, it’s been so crazy, the only way to keep up with the insanity has been to have lots & lots of the techie’s best friend …in our tummies!!


This totally RAD Spider-Man coffee cup holds WAY more coffee than should be legally allowed at once! <3

COFFEE!!! [bzzzt!!] All of this caffiene is totally worth it. 😉 In FACT, it’s SO worth it, that I’m willing to share some pretty awesome FREAKING STELLAR news with everyone! Along with the amazing Sevi, we also have Whovian expert Cory “Cash Money” Bowers joining us for a super special Doctor Who day, & as an even more excellent bonus, we’ll also been joined by the incredibly talented artist Jeremy Kerns of The Garage Daily, one of the funniest web comics I’ve read! (& I am the web comic connoisseur! ;D )

Along with the special themes for each week, we’re coming up with new art, graphics, & a whole butt-load of “geek” things for YOU, our most excellent readers! In fact, here’s a teeeensy preview of just some of the AWESOME headed your way:


[gasp!] Is that a D20 I spy?!? You’ll just have to stay tuned to find out…! 😉

— Elise M. Gross

P.S. Remember, the fun starts this Sunday, so come back then for geeky goodness & an awesome give-a-way! And for all USA folks, have a fun & safe Labor Day weekend! <3

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