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Sorry I didn’t get to post the mod podge adventure last night — I’ll do that tonight when I get home! Until then, do any of you game? Like, video game? If so, you may be interested in this first draft of an article I wrote for Yahoo Associates regarding the announcements of the new PS4 & Xbox One, & why I chose to leave Xbox. Please note, this article never got published to Yahoo because by the time the editor reviewed it, circumstances had changed & Microsoft had back tracked, meaning some of the very strong cons I listed no longer apply. (Though their patent for the Kinect is still terrifying.) Feel free to enjoy, & remember, this information is outdated.

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Xbox One vs. PS4 : Why Many Microsoft Fanboys are Jumping Ship

Alrighty gamers, as you may or may not be aware, E3 has come & gone, leaving many with a bitter taste. Especially those of us loyal Microsoft fans. I’m sure you’ve heard the news by now, but Microsoft recently unveiled it’s newest console, the Xbox One, which is — essentially — a glorified TiVo. Sure, there’s a lot of neat things we can do with streaming shows & what-not, but what about the games & gaming features? Oh, that’s right, if you want to game anymore, be prepared to pay. No, like, really pay. A lot.

First of all, gone are the days when one could get a game & simply pop it in to play. No, you need to be certain that you have access to an internet connection, because at least once a day you will be required to “check in” to Microsoft servers. That may not be too big of a deal, as most people are already paying for internet, but if you’ve been avoiding shelling out the cash yet still game, good luck with the new Xbox.

Back when people still owned the games they already bought, you could bring your copy to a friends house & play it over there. Alas, no longer will this work out. In fact, if you purchase used games, you won’t even be allowed to play them! One could only imagine what that’s going to do for used game retailers like GameStop & Movie Trading company, let alone for the sweet little Mom-&-Pop rental stores! If you subscribe to a video game rental service such as GameFly (like I do), then you are also out of luck.

There have also been rumors about the Kinect feature watching you. Say you’re streaming a lovely chick flick, tears and snot running down your pretty little face, chowing down on ice cream or chips. Your Kinect will take note of all of this: what programme you are watching, which service you are streaming it through, what you’re eating, and how many people are with you. So if you stream this show through Hulu Plus & are nomming on some Doritos, your Kinect will allow Hulu to target ads for you, meaning you may see more Dorito ads pop up on your Xbox in different programs you run.

Of course, the Kinect watching you is still up in the air, as the patent filed regarding the device leaves room for possiilities, but fears have been aired on many blogs and articles across the internet. Marc Whitten, corporate vice-president of Xbox Live, was recently quoted as telling Mashable that while xBox One and it’s Kinect device will always be on, “it’s not watching you while it’s in low-powered mode.”

Kinect rumors aside, the fact remains that these poor decisions from Microsoft have resulted in many fanboys jumping ship. For myself & my boyfriend (who has always been a staunt Xbox fanatic), we’ve decided to avoid the Xbox One, & will be purchasing a Playstation 4. Personally, I’ve always loved both systems, but when it came to which console to purchase a game on, I’ve usually opted for Xbox, what with me being an “achievement freak” & all, but after this news — combined with Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment President Don Matterick’s slap-in-the-face comment on Spike TV regarding users upset about said features, I am quite turned off by Microsoft entirely. (For those of you unable to view YouTube, he says — & I quote — “Fortunately, we have a product for people who aren’t able to get some form of connectivity, it’s called Xbox 360.” Wow…just, wow.)

Sony stated in it’s E3 conference that there would be no restrictions on games regarding ownership (meaning you can buy, selff, trade games all you want), but it was discovered afterward that they specifically meant 1st party games — 3rd party game developers/publishers can possibly put restrictions on their own titles (something I’m sure EA is bound to do, as usual…)

It’s quite easy for anything else to be better than that stinking pile of news, but luckily for gamers, it really does get better on Sony’s side of the field! The biggest news in our household regarding the Playstation 4 is the redesigned controller. For the beau, Sony’s “too symetrical” controller has been a sore point for years, but after the reveal at E3, where many issues were shown to have been corrected, including those darned thumb sticks! Personally, I’ve never been fond of the analog sticks on the Playstation controllers, as after long periods of play my thumbs would get incredibly sore (imagine trying to finish building a level on Little Big Planet with sore thumbs! Ouch!) Sony has redesigned both sticks to be more concave. Goodbye, sore thumbs!

Another big change in their controller is their top (shoulder) buttons, which — instead of being actual buttons — are now more like the xBox controller trigger/button combo. These have also become more concave, & thus, easier to handle. The only slightly weird quality users have reported regarding Son’y controller redesign is how your fingers wrap around the controller instead of resting on the bottom, but apparently it’s easy to get used to.

Regardless, all of this news has resulted in one big decision at my home: this year, we will only be purchasing 1, not 2, new systems.

Tell me, how has this turn of events impacted your gaming decisions?



Well, I hope y’all enjoyed that! 😀 Remember, though, much of the information is outdated. I’ll consider re-writing the piece if there proves to be enough interest.

— Elise M. Gross

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