Treasury Tuesday : Ice Cream

Good afternoon fellow humans-of-awesomeness!! 😀
I hope everyone’s day has been just FAB so far — I hope it gets even better, too! As I stated yesterday, the winning treasury idea was Ice Cream! I scoured the Etsy interwebs looking for the perfect ice cream delights, & found some pretty cool (no pun intended!) items that fellow artists have created. They all looked so delicious, too… T_T Before I share the coolest sweetest yummiest treasury ever, I’d like to share one of my favourite photos I ever created, instagram style. 😀

Like this photo? I'll be selling it soon via instacanvas! :D

Like this photo? I’ll be selling it soon via instacanvas! 😀

As a side note: I’m hoping to get back on Instagram soon — look out for updates! I also plan to upload more photos for purchase to instacanvas. Alright…now time for the TREASURY!! Huzzah!! (There’s even an AWESOME painting of ice cream running away with bacon!!! WHAAAAT.)

‘The Scoop’ by egcom

You scream, I scream, we all scream for ICED CREAM!!
Let these cheery delights melt your frozen heart.
Mmmm….! A dessert lover’s dream —
Some sweet, some tart!

Ice Cream Cake Pops - maecakepops
Ice Cream Cake Pops

Bacon Frolics with Ice Cream - 8x10 Print - Bacon Painting - heatherfuture
Bacon Frolics with …

N is for Neapoliphant - bunnywithatoolbelt
N is for Neapolipha…

Cotton Candy Ice Cream Scoop Vegan Soap Set - Summer Soap Set - ajsweetsoap
Cotton Candy Ice Cr…

Ice Cream Cones Soft Serve - Print of Original Watercolor 6 x 9 - Two Scoops Dairy Queen Vanilla Chocolate Swirl - SpunSugarPaperie
Ice Cream Cones Sof…

recycled silverware   Ice Cream  set of 4  vintage silverware hand stamped spoons - BellaJacksonStudios
recycled silverware…

Unique vintage waxed ice cream cups- set of 10 - vintageekho
Unique vintage waxe…

Helca Mint Gooey Iphone Case - hellocavities
Helca Mint Gooey Ip…

Blueberry Ice Cream -polymer clay- Dangle Earrings - TheIceCreamStand
Blueberry Ice Cream…

Polymer Clay Kawaii Dropped Ice Cream Cone Magnet - CharmStop
Polymer Clay Kawaii…

Monsters, a Cat, a Bird and a Robot - Print 17" x 8.5" - All Eating Ice Cream in a Tree - "They All Wanted Sugar Cones" - LaughingMoonArtworks
Monsters, a Cat, a …

Black and White Series - Double Scoop Ice Cream Cone Cell Phone Charm ST-10-3029 - ennadesign
Black and White Ser…

Vanilla NarWhal - SprinkleChick
Vanilla NarWhal

Pink Melting Ice Cream Cone Cherry Headband - MyFeatherband
Pink Melting Ice Cr…

Sweetheart Retro Apron Pink Cakes Pies & Ice Cream BELLA - Boojiboo
Sweetheart Retro Ap…

Ice cream sundae necklace - sugarcubecorner
Ice cream sundae ne…


Treasury tool by StylishHome.

Mmmm…what a wonderful way to feed ones eyes. Now I’ve got a craving for some sweet, sweet ice cream.

Thanks for holding me accountable, Sevi — I promise I will finish that quilt TONIGHT!! Mwahahaa!
I’ll post photos of it tomorrow. (How’s that for accountability?! Woo!)
–Elise M. Gross

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5 thoughts on “Treasury Tuesday : Ice Cream

  1. I just got a strong urge to go and get some ice cream. Oh and I am all for holding people accountable, can’t wait to see the finished product.

    • I can’t wait to see it finished, too. :{ I’m so disappointed…After much fighting with my machine, I just could not keep it from breaking the upper thread every time. After the five-BILLIONTH time of sewing the binding only to discover that merely one side had actually been sewn (due to the upper thread breaking) I gave up in a frustrated fit of tears & drowned myself in a sea of ramen. (Pout) It’s so not fair…it tricked me! I totally thought it was sewn down — stupid bobbin thread holding on just enough until I turn the corners. (sob) Okay, I’ll try again tomorrow… (sigh) …AFTER I google why my thread keeps breaking….probably screwed up the tension or maybe my needle hates me. (mull)

    • Haha, thanks, kmtcapecod! 😀 (Or should I say Bella Bargains?? Love your blog, btw! I took a peek & plan on thoroughly perusing it later. 😀 )
      I love ice cream, too…. it is SOOOO yummy! (and too cute in these items, yes??) Hooray!

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