Treasury Tuesday 07.30.13

Happy Tuesday everyone!! 😀 Before we get to another of our fantastic Treasury Tuesday posts, I have a quick (sort of crazy!) announcement: I might be the blogger of the month at a certain Texan-based group…!! I have no idea how it happened, but that’s awesome!! I’ll keep y’all updated & let you know if things work out. 😀 😀 😀 [does wiggle dance]

Okay!! Now, on to our treasure-filled delight!
I didn’t put up a poll for last week, so I’ve selected one of my favourite “odd” themes…. TISSUE BOXES!! 😀
“Say whaaa–???!” Yep. You heard read me right: Tissue. Box. …just trust me!

‘Ah-ahh-CHOO!’ by egcom

You know what it’s like: you’re walking along when all of a sudden–BAM!– runny nose, itching & tears on the couch wrapped in a blanket of pain. But it’s okay, Doctors say that visually pleasing tissue boxes are the 1st step to feeling better

Slice of CHERRY Pie Tissue Box Cozy -Made To Order - TwinkieChan
Slice of CHERRY Pie…

Lego Tissue Box Cover - All Genuine Lego Pieces - BluZoo
Lego Tissue Box Cov…

Home DIY Orange Tissue Holder creation set put&pull - PutAndPull
Home DIY Orange Tis…

Superman Saves the Universe 1970's Vintage Wallpaper Tissue Box Cover - Fondue
Superman Saves the …

Bugs Bunny Rabbit Plastic Canvas Boutique Tissue Paper Box Cover Handmade - disliltreasures
Bugs Bunny Rabbit P…

Portal II Tissue Box Cover Plastic Canvas Kleenex Cozy - SnarkyLittleStitcher
Portal II Tissue Bo…

SALE - Whale Tissue Holder - Surf Blue -  Ships August 16th - shopSparklyPony
SALE – Whale Tissue…

Mario Hand Painted Tissue Box Nintendo Geekery Video Game Arcade Dad Grad Gift - DebbieIsAdopted
Mario Hand Painted …

Pikmin Tissue Box Topper inspired by Nintendo Video Game - Tails32x
Pikmin Tissue Box T…

Crochet Tissue Box Cover, Kleenex Tissue Box Cozy - FromJeanne
Crochet Tissue Box …

TARDIS Tissue Box Cover - marezedotes
TARDIS Tissue Box C…

Doodle Art Tissue Cover - yodamanone
Doodle Art Tissue C…

Nikkie's Felt Poppy Tissue Box Cover-Gray - NikkiesNeedlework
Nikkie’s Felt P…

Girl Robot Tissue Box Cover - sockmonkeyfun
Girl Robot Tissue B…

Fuchsia and black tissue box cover - TwoLittleLollipops
Fuchsia and black t…

Owl Print Tissue Box Cover in  Sofa Shape Hot Pink Green and Black on Natural Background - JRsPillowsandBags
Owl Print Tissue Bo…


Treasury tool by StylishHome.

Well? Pretty stellar, right?? I just adore this treasury — I wish I had enough tissue boxes to get all those awesome covers!! Haha!
I’ll post a “sticky” later today with the poll for what next week’s Treasury Tuesday should be about, so check back later! Until then..!

— Elise M. Gross

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