Texas Tess

Howdy y’all, & welcome to another rousing post here in Texas!! 😀
This weekend has been rather crazy, & next weekend doesn’t look to get any better!! :\ I didn’t even have a chance to craft anything! [le gasp!] However, there’s a good reason for that! Remember that surprise I promised last post? 😉 Well, here it is:

tess…or should I say here she is? Isn’t she adorable? The world’s cutest chocolate lab EVAR. 😀 Everyone…meet Tesla. (Yes, as in THAT Tesla… Boo & I are big fans of the Tesla Coil.)

Needless to say, this little gal has been keeping us up at nights, being a puppy & all. She finally overcame her fear of stairs, though, so we’re making progress — albeit slooooooowly…. [winces] I have a pretty good amount of patience, though last night I almost went nuts from the whimpers as I tried to sleep. (We’re crating her at night to avoid a chewed up/destroyed/peed on/poo’d on home waiting for us when we wake.) 🙁 It’s sad, but odd that when we put her in the crate when we leave she doesn’t make noise. Only when we’re sleeping. -___-; Ah, well… serves us right, poor thing.

With that said, sorry I’ve been delayed this weekend! It has been hectic, as one can imagine. Plus our other pup Chloe has been dealing with having not all of the attention on her anymore. It’s difficult, trying to balance it out! How do people have kids??

Tomorrow is another Treasury tuesday, & the winner of last week’s poll for the theme is…. ICE CREAM! Yay!! 😀 There were only 2 votes, so next time git-to-clickin’! xD

I’m really trying to get the binding done on my quilt ASAP, so hopefully that’ll get done tonight or tomorrow at the latest. Someone hold me accountable! 😛

That’s it for today, folks!
— Elise M. Gross

P.S. Stay tuned for a big announcement regarding that fuzzy brown ball of cuteness!! Here’s a hint: Tesla will be having many, many adventures..!


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One thought on “Texas Tess

  1. Finish the quilt! And I love new puppies. Something that may help, I let me new puppy sleep at the end of the bed and he never had any accidents. He usually got the idea that we were sleeping, except when he wanted to lay between WareBear and myself!

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