Mod Podge clipboard : My first Mod Podge Adventure EVER!

Hello & good morning!! 😀 I hope everyone is as excited about the weekend as I am…! I have a surprise for everyone tomorrow, but I’ll give you a hint…it’s brown, fuzzy, & has a wet nose! ;D

Last night I got to bed pretty late due to said surprise, so I didn’t get a chance to post that foray in to Mod Podge I mentioned earlier this week (& after that, too!) Bear in mind, this is my first actual attempt at properly Mod Podging anything [gasp!] — I realise this could get me shunned — but hey! We’ve all got to start somewhere, right?? Right! Normally, folks use paper to do this sort of thing, but I really wanted to use some cloth I had (I had this vision of a quilt pattern), so this probably isn’t as neat as paper would have been. Plus, on of my favourite Mod Pogers is Danielle over at OnTheUpcycle, & she constantly uses cloth! (Granted, she’s, like, a PRO.)

Okay guys, you ready?? Grab your supplies, because we’re gonna get started in 3… 2… 1!!

What you’ll need:

  • fabric / paper
  • scissors
  • paintbrush (I used a foam brush for this… I’ll probably use a paint brush next time)
  • tape
  • clipboard
  • Mod Podge

(More after the jump…it’s a long post, sorry!)





Once you have your supplies at the ready, grab your fabric & cut them to the size & shape you want. I wanted a quilt sort of look to my pattern, so I cut fat, skinny, square patches out of the cloth.  Then I took those pieces & placed them in a pleasing manner across the top of the clipboard — once I’d achieved a satisfying pattern, I took the tape & taped them all down to help me with the placement of the back pieces.

After I had them positioned & taped down on the top, I then wraped the over-hanging bits around to the back of the clipboard & secured them with tape, too. I continued to cut & place pieces as needed until I had the entire board covered with fabric! After this, I carefully removed the fabric — making sure not to detatch the tape from the other pieces so I wouldn’t forget where they went. Then I covered the board in a layer of Mod Podge & attached the pieces on lightly, adjusting them as needed & being sure to remove the tape bits. After the front was done, I folded the over hang & left it to tackle later. I coated the entire top of the fabric with a layer of Mod Podge, trying my best to squeeze out any air bubbles as I went (I didn’t do the best job of this, but hey! It was my first time!!)

Also, something of importance to note here: Make SURE you secure the clip on the clip board in an up position, like so…


Otherwise you end up with this unsightly depression in the cloth as it dries, & it’s also pretty difficult to get the clip to open once it’s been Mod Podged down!! Ugh..!


See that? Terrible shame… I suppose at this point I should have taken a bit of sand paper & sanded that part down, but I couldn’t locate my sand paper & wasn’t feeling particularly patient. 😉

After waiting about 30-40 minutes for the top to dry, I coated the sides & repeated the process with the back, until the entire board was wrapped! I continued the process of flipping it over & applying a coat, then watching episodes of ‘Ugly Betty’ as I waited for it to dry. I did a few layers on each side that night, & then a few more on each side the next night. Eventually, this is what I came out with:

Some things I’ll do differently next time:

  • Apply white paint first, as once the Mod Podge dried, the cloth was darker from the board showing through.
  • Fold over the corners of the edges as well as the edges — now I have pointy corners I’ll need to sand down.
  • Tie that clip up before I start!
  • Press out bubbles better. 🙁

Other than those few things, I’m pretty pleased with how this turned out. 🙂 Maybe I’ll do something else in a patch work effect & add some thread bits as if they’ve been “sewn” together! (or use a sharpie to get that effect!)

What do y’all think? 😀

— Elise M. Gross


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4 thoughts on “Mod Podge clipboard : My first Mod Podge Adventure EVER!

  1. Elise – I love love love Mod Podge. I am actually heading to Hobby Lobby today to pick up some glitter mod podge for a birthday gift I am working on.

    Your clipboard looks awesome, I can’t wait to see the finished quilt….. 🙂

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