Jellyroll Quilt COMPLETION!

Huzzah! It is with joyous dancing I inform you all that I did indeed finish that pesky jelly roll quilt this weekend!! After many broken needles, much thread tangling, and plenty of tears & threats of burning the quilt/sewing machine/world if the universe did not work with me, I successfully made a pretty decent blanket! Yay! ^_____^ Hehe!

Here a shot of my sewing:


Here’s a shot of my utter despair (broken needles are my bane!!!!):


Aaaaand here’s a front & back shot of my kick@$$ quilt!! SO FIERCE.




Hands: my Boo. Adorable dog to the right: my Chloe.

It’s not nearly perfect, but I’m quite fond of it. Even though I didn’t see the purple/silver combos working with the blue/green/brown combos, the binding I selected seemed to pull the whole sucker together, too!!
So happy! And it’s soooo soooooft, too!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

See y’all tomorrow for another Treasury Tuesday!

— Elise M. Gross

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2 thoughts on “Jellyroll Quilt COMPLETION!

  1. YAY!!!!!! It looks so good Elise! I have to commend you with the fabric you used for the backing. Is that minky?? Minky is so hard to sew with and I would never dream of quilting with it. That’s a huge hurdle you accomplished. AWESOME JOB LADY!!!!!

    • Haha yes it’s dimple minky & it feels so sooooofft!!! ^_^ I practically cried when I was finished (okay, so maybe I did cry just a little..!) BUT it’s the first thing I’ve ever completed just because!! Admittedly, I’m a little proud… :3 (Better shot of the backing here. 2nd pic down, I think!)
      The minky was great, except it’s so difficult to keep still…one needs a lot of pins to keep that sucker steady. I didn’t realise it was going to make it harder, but that definitely explains why my needles hated me… o_o;; I’ll keep that in mind next time! Haha! Thanks for the compliment, too…coming from you, that really means a lot!! 😀

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