Craft Moment : Paper Rose

Good afternoon..! Before we get to the total AWESOME, I have to share some rather disappointing news, folks… 🙁
As you know, I was all excited to be finishing my quilt last night, & I worked on it for hours but… I’m so disappointed…After much fighting with my machine, I just could not keep it from breaking the upper thread every time. After fixing the machine for the five-BILLIONTH time & then sewing the binding down, I found that –yet again– only one side had actually been sewn (due to the upper thread breaking AGAIN)….!! I gave up in a frustrated fit of tears & drowned my sorrows in a sea of Ramen. I also managed to ram my face in to the corner of our table last night when I went to pick up Tesla at one point…now it’s bruised & I have a headache. Guh…

However, it’s going to be alright. I’ll try again tonight… (sigh) …well, I’ll try AFTER I figure out why my thread keeps breaking….probably screwed up the tension or maybe my needle hates me. (I think it’s the needle.) 🙁

An awesome tutorial on how to reuse all that junk mail and turn it in to something beautiful!

With that sad news, let’s cheer ourselves up with a bit of crafting, eh?? I know, how about a lovely paper rose?! Usually, I make them out of crepe paper, but since I don’t have any handy, how about using a bit of junk mail? Fun & resourceful! Yay for up-cycling! 😀 😀 😀


  • Paper
  • Scissors/Circle punch
  • tape
  • staple
  • paper clip
  • water in a bowl

 An awesome tutorial on making a paper rose from all that junk mail you have lying around!

  • 1. Cut strips out of paper
  • 2. Punch circles or cut circles to size you want
  • 3. Place circle in to water
  • 4. Only leave for a couple of seconds! Remove.
  • 5. Again, only a couple of seconds, or it will get ruined.
  • 6. Wrinkle/crush circles to give flexibility & petal shape.

Steps 7-10

  • 7. Lay circles out to dry.
  • 8. Take first circle & twist to create center of rose, holding in place with paper clip.
  • 9. Manipulate petal edges to create bud.
  • 10. Add another petal, folding & bending edges to create rose shape.

An awesome tutorial making a paper rose from all that junk mail you have lying around!


  •  11. Continues adding petals…
  • 12. Continue to shape petals…
  • 13. Tape and/or staple to bottoms as necessary…
  • 14. Until they are all…
  • 15. Perfect.
  • 16. Cut out a leaf shape, fold edges up (you can do the water thing here, too.)
  • 17. With edges folded, pinch middle in to create leaf shape.
  • 18. I twisted a page to create a stem & tucked the leaves in to the paper stem…
  • 19. …and attached the leaves to the stem with tape.

You should now have a finished rose made from junk mail! Beautiful!

A completed upcycled paper rose made entirely from old junk mail! Check out the tutorial!

 A finished paper rose made from junk mail tutorial!

Aaahh…! 😀 I feel so much better now. What do you guys think? If you make your own paper rose, comment & let me see them! <3

— Elise M. Gross



9 thoughts on “Craft Moment : Paper Rose

  1. Sounds like a tension problem. You are on the right track with replacing the needle. You totally got this. Oh and that paper flower is awesome, may have to give it a shot!

    • Thanks Sevi! 😀 It did turn out ot be a tension issue — also, after my first needle (the correct size) broke, I only had the wrong size left & couldn’t get to the store, so that’s also what led to the breakage. Glad it worked out eventually, though! 😉

    • Thank you Debbie! 😀 I’m glad you liked it — too bad it was distracting people in the receptionists office. :\ They kept thinking it was one of your amazing silk flower pens! xD

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  3. I’m gonna buy a TON of crepe paper and hang this from my bed. I have the IKEA Leirvik one and it’s in the middle of the room so I’m gonna stuff it good. Can’t wait! Thanks for sharing, Elise.

    • Lol thanks Carmen — that’s quite an interesting idea! I can’t wait to see what you do — be sure to come back here & share! I never thought to hang these…that’s a cool idea!

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