How do I Love Thee? Let Me Count the Ways…

(Warning: bit of a long post!)

I’ve been having a bit of a creative “stump” lately, as I call it. I’m stumped! I’m not sure what to do, where to go, or if any of it really matters. I have so many ideas buzzing in my head that it’s hard to write them all down– I can only tackle one at a time, but it’s difficult & I get side-tracked easily! BUT I do know one thing: I love stuff. I’m not talking about the obvious, important things, like family, friends, &c. I mean tangible things. Collectible things. Those “Look-what-I-have-isn’t-it-so-cute?” things! The reason I mention this is because I think that if I can write down my favourite stuffs, I can find ways to turn them in to something creative, to inspire myself again! Huzzah!

With that rambling bit of not-so-much-nonsense out of the way, I’d like to list my top 10 favourite “things” that I love, that aren’t ooey-gooey stuff like my sweetie or my dog or my family.

10. Stickers

Does anyone remember those awesome stickers that had that rad hippo mascot called Stickopotamus? Those were my first introduction to the joy of stickers — well, those & Lisa Frank, which I discovered about the same time. Holy COW did I go crazy collecting stickers then, & I still collect them now (though with a more discriminating taste!) I had so many stickers, & I used to put them on everything — tables, dressers… heck, even my old standing lamp was covered in Pokemon stickers (much to my poor Mum’s dismay.)


                           A hippo??! So rad!!

A couple of months ago, I came across an old sheet I had of those stickers, & remembered that they had a sweet Club back when I was a kid, but we hadn’t ever had the money for something like that, so I decided to see if it was still around. However, I was dismayed to discover that Stickopotamus was no longer around, & definitely no club! 🙁 
I was so sad I nearly cried, but then another search took me to this site, which turned out to be the company site for Sticko, an “EK Success” brand product line. Stickopotamus had been re-branded to Sticko! Hooray! 

Darn, though…still no club. Does anyone know if there are any clubs one could join for a small fee to get this addiction fed? Oooh, I wonder if Lisa Frank has one…

9. Buttons

This one’s fairly understandable, I’m sure. Everyone from hipsters to punks to preps has collected buttons. It really doesn’t matter what it is (almost), I tend to drool over buttons. I especially love fun graphic image ones. I have buttons from bands, brands, artists, comics, snarky sayings…the list goes on. I even make buttons for the “jeans week” we have where I work! I’m hoping to organise all of my buttons in a pleasing manner soon, but for now they remain affixed to whatever bag or jacket I can find. 😀 

8. Dice

Oooooh….this is a crazy one. I have so many dice, I’m needing to make a new dice bag just to get this situation under control! I know I’m not the only one, just look at Wil Wheaton’s collection of dice…and that’s not even all of them. No joke. Much like the Master of Geekdom, I, too, wish to have such glory. 
With lots & lots of dice.
Like this comic of Scrooge McDice (also Wil Wheaton. duh!)

Also, Wil Wheaton is amazing. If you don’t know him, you should. [serious nod]

Wil Wheaton is also AMAZING.I made this to chill with me on my desk at work. <3

7. Playing Cards

Now, I’d like to state that i do not collect just any old playing cards. No, I collect cools ones. Vintage ones with awesome backs, Star Wars ones, tiny ones, wonky-shaped ones.


Just a couple of decks I have. :3

I love my playing cards, & I’m not certain what brought on the fascination. I’ve always collected them. Perhaps my love of them was borne from my family being from Las Vegas (the one with the casinos)…I always did love the feel of a near new deck being shuffled in to a bridge. Mmm… 
Anyhow, I digress. I have so many cards, I almost don’t know what to do with them. I’m picky when it comes to what I get, though. No boring decks for me, or ones with art I’m not in to. But what to do with all of them? Some folks have suggested using them in crafts, but all of my decks are complete decks!! The mere thought of destroying a complete deck — even for art — horrifies me. Perhaps it will just stay one of those hobbies most folk don’t quite get, like collecting stamps. 

6. Pochacco

Okay, so this isn’t quite a thing, but COME ON people!! Look at him!!


Right??!!? I know. totally. Psh. (Here, Google image search.)

When I was younger, I sued to help my Papa out at his shop, which was in a mall, & right above the shop was…Sanrio. The ultimate haven for all things cute. For helping out, my Papa would give me some change, which I would either spend on Pokemon cards at the comic shop next door (duh), or upstairs at Sanrio. This was back before Sanrio decided to “retire” Pochacco, but after or right when they “retired” Keroppi*. 
*who was brought back a few years later. Grr…stupid cute frog.

So I ooohed & aaahed over the many Pochacco items that I could never afford, & bought the little ones I could (mainly stickers. I still have them. ›_› …Mostly.)

Once I got my first job, I tried to get whatever awesome Pochacco items I ran across, but it was difficult. Thank goodness for the internet. I can now hunt down items with relative ease, all from the comfort of my own chair! Hooray! 😀

5. Old Books

This one’s pretty easy to explain. I love to read, I one day hope to own the world’s coolest library, & so theretofore, I collect books. I am especially fond of old, leather bound books, or embossed hard-cover ones. I have a bound book of poetry from Lord Byron that I suspect is pretty rare, as I cannot find anything about it in my internet searches (and I am the Queen of searving via internet. I’ve taken classes* & everything.) *Note: plural.

I’ll try to upload an image of that book sometime, too…
As for other old books that I’ve found that are ruined (as in unreadable & totally not worth saving) I’m using to fashion my junk journals, in scrapbooking, & other paper crafts.

4. Comics


…oh, what, you thought there was more to that?
[sigh] Okay, there’s too many to name, but the ones I have the most of, not including figurines, posters, &c. is The Amazing Spider Man.
If I include all the comic-related odds & ends, it’s also Spiderman.

Spidey Strike! KYAA!!


3. Robots


I can’t go in to too much detail (YET!), but here’s a painting of a little guy I call Wrig:

Wrig the Wrenchbot (c) Elise M. Gross
Wrig the Wrenchbot Escapes to the Wild (c) Elise M. Gross

My fascination with robots knows no bounds, & I can often be found sketching them out or drooling over the manymanymany cool robot related items on Etsy.

2. Video Games

My first “real job” was working as an Associate at a GameStop, so needless to say, I got really, really in to video games. Before that, I was strictly a Nintendork. [nod] Now, my palate has grown to include all the systems & many, many types of games. This love is easy to see when you walk in to my home, as I own a great deal of collectibles. My sweetie has made me promise to not let them take over, so when we get a bigger home the rest of the hidden gems will get a place of honour in their own game room. (Oh, yes…we will have a game room, dangit!)

I’m quite fond of Nintendo, obviously, but I also love retro games — especially PacMan. I will spend hours in the arcade just playing PacMan. I even make some pretty wicked jewelry based on my love of these games — check out my first PacMan earrings!!! 

PacMan earrings made by ME!! :D

           For sale on our Etsy shop! Bwahahahaaa!

Of course, those were the first ones I made, ever. I’ve since made more for orders, & they aren’t so choppy looking. (Hey, c’mon, I made them completely by hand, folks. No laughing!)
If PacMan ain’t your thing, I also made some cute little Mushroom earrings!!

Mushroom earrings!!

I get compliments every time I wear these out. (The ones I’ve made for sales are far neater, though! These were just my first ones. 😀 )

I’ve also received requests for similar earrings, but with different coloured mushrooms. I think I’ll probably come up with a slew of colours & put them up in my shop. What do you guys think??

1. MTG

If any of you had any doubts, here is proof a sentence of how stupid collecting can get:
I own way more card for Magic the Gathering than one should. Seriously, I won’t even use these cards. I know that, but what do I do with them? Sell them? I have a pretty sweet idea for a mirror I’d like to make using them, but that’s about it. There’s so many.

But here’s a pretty sweet photo of a game I played a while back.


                  Wooo! Look at all the colours!!
                  “MTG Game” (c) Elise M. Gross

Anyhow…this poor post has gotten to be so long…if you’re still around after all of that, do you think I should break this down to multiple posts??

Also, any ideas on what I should do with all these Magic Cards??


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