Freebie Friday: Goals for 2015

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It’s time for another Freebie Friday!! I’m thinking I should change the banner to suit the various seasons…this looks a little too fallish!!

I’ve been running around trying to get things in the house accomplished, but I realised I simply won’t have the time to get everything that I want to get done finished before the end of the year!! :) So, being the list-maker that I am, I decided to make myself a super cute “Goals” list for 2015, & being the indecisive person I am, I made a few variations colour-wise to choose from. I’ve already started on my general goals for the year, & will probably break those down further using the different colours…did I mention I have a binder? I call it my obsession binder, & it holds all of my pretty things, like lists. xD

Why “Goals” instead of “Resolutions”..? Well, honestly, I hate making “resolutions”…they seem so far away, & I’m always disappointed when I don’t follow through with them for whatever reason. With that in mind, I prefer to make goals. Real. Attainable. Goals. Easy-to-do-yet-hard-to-maintain tasks that I can break down & determine to follow through with. There might not be much difference between goals & resolutions, but to me, a goal is something you DO. A resolution is a promise you make to yourself….there’s a stigma, too, like these sorts of promises are easy to break but “don’t worry guys, it’s just a resolution, try again next year…” PAH I say! When I set goals, I knock ‘em down. When I make a resolution, it’s to other people. For example, a couple of years ago, I resolved to have more patience with my darling, & try not to argue so much, & he made the same resolution to me. Now? BAM! We’ve got it down to where we generally drop silly arguments, or at least acknowledge how nonsensical they are & have a good laugh. I’ll get in to resolutions closer to January, though…

Make your 2015 goals in STYLE!! I’ve got 6 lovely colour choices for you here. The original looks a bit …hmm…I dunno, rutic? Tuscan? Some sort of Mediterranean vibe, maybe? It’s all over the place, really; invokes many feelings. I also threw on a filter to make purple, green, yellow, blue/grey, & black/white versions. Please feel free to click the image you’re most interested in, & on the page that opens, right click>save as or print. Make sure that your settings for printing are vertical! I used a 0.2 margin width all around, with vertical & horizontal centering ON. Feel free to use these all you like for personal & non-commercial use, just don’t remove my little URL at the bottom, please!! :D

original file for 2015 goals list freebie cheekygeeks egcom tk yellow file for 2015 goals list freebie cheekygeeks egcom tk black and white file for 2015 goals list freebie cheekygeeks egcom tk

purple file for 2015 goals list freebie cheekygeeks egcom tk green file for 2015 goals list freebie cheekygeeks egcom tk blue grey gray file for 2015 goals list freebie cheekygeeks egcom tk

Which one is your fave? What are some GOALS you plan to set & knock down for 2015? Share in the comments!

Until next time…
— Elise M. Gross


Freebie Friday: Holiday Gift Tags!

Freebie Friday Banner

I apologise in advance for any typos you see here…for some reason I’ve been a little off this past week. You should hear me try to speak! Lol!

I’ve been going insane with the Rhonna app this past year — I seriously use it for everything. Sometimes I’ll even upload my own designs just to use the font sets, because they’re that cute, y’all!
Needless to say, I’m making various gift sets for Christmas (I’ll post more on those soon) & decided to try my hand at making my own tags & labels.

I came up with a total of 6 tags, each coordinating with a “colour scheme”, plus little button tags at the bottom. I printed these guys out on regular paper first, & attached them to jars with tape, but I still have some sticker stock & I’ll most likely print them again on that, to make it easier with labeling the jars. I’ll stick with a thicker stock paper for the tags that I plan to put on any gift wrapped boxes. I love these because I can cut out the shape of the tag itself, or do a rectangle, or rounded….whatever I desire!! And the button stickers are just adorbs. I’m trying not to sticker everything with them! Hahaha! Ho-ho-ho!!

freebie friday free gift tags tag set holidays christmas

I really hope y’all like them – I can’t wait to see what you guys use them for!! These are primarily Christmas themed, since I plan to use them on my family’s gifts & we celebrate Christmas, but I do plan to make more for other winter celebrations/holidays. What do y’all think?

Download your free gift tags here —
click the image below, then on the next page right click>print or save! :D 

These are provided free for non-commercial, personal use.

freebie friday gift tag set gifts tags stickers free



Share your thoughts, photos, & suggestions in the comments!! :D

— Elise M. Gross


Return of the Holidays

custom didjya did you miss me photo image banner picture chevrons arrows titleWell hey there, guys. This seems to be a pattern: after Geek month I disappear for a month! :O

I’ve decided I can’t have that again – since it gets so busy around this time of year, I’m going to work with this scheduler-thingy to get stuff up in advance — I already have some Halloween posts ready & scheduled for next year. Yeah, I’m that ready. Honestly? I had completely intended on posting it this year, but…well, busy. Life. All that.

Also, I’m thinking I’ll semi-convert this blog from a solely DIY/Crafting/Geekery blog to a DIY/Crafting/Geekery/Lifestyle blog…don’t be scared, it just means I’ll be posting a little more about the random things I do or experience, instead of forcing myself to always have to come up with “crafty shabangs” for y’all. Again, though, no worries, as I’ll still post plenty of more crafty/geeky goodness, I’ll just have a little more of my life thrown in the mix, which hopefully means I’ll be able to post more often!

They* say that you learn a lot, & make a LOT of mistakes the first few years you start blogging, especially if you plan on doing things such as I’ve done. Well, I have DEFINITELY learned a LOT, & there are some pretty awesome bloggers out there I hope to be even a fraction as awesome as (as ever, looking at you, Sev!)
    *Seriously, Google it!

With all that thrown out there, I just wanted to let y’all know I’m still alive, just been busy making gifts, food, running around, shopping, trying not to stress…you know, holiday stuff. >.<

Fun Fact of the Day courtesy of ThinkGeek's twitter! xD

Fun Fact of the Day courtesy of ThinkGeek’s twitter! xD

Some pretty stellar news, though!! After, like, 7 years of not seeing my family for the holidays, I finally get to go “home” to see them!! (Home = Las Vegas, where my family is from.) Wooooo! This will also be the first time I’m going home since I turned 21, too, so I’ll actually be legal to gamble & drink while there…that’ll be nuts! Hoho!

Expect many photos of that adventure, for certain..! In the coming weeks, I’ll be posting photos of the stuff I’ve been up to since September, like when I got to go visit the AWESOME exhibits at the Perot Museum, or when we celebrated Friendsgiving, our annual trip to have Cheeseburgers with Baby Jesus, & plenty of crafting/gift making posts thrown in.

On another note, I’ve dicovered the joy/sorrow of Reddit…needless to say…oh my…. My name on there is egcom, so feel free to hit me up! So far, my fave subreddit is /r/TrollXChromosone …those ladies are hilarious, mean, & nice all rolled in to one. <3 I also seem to enjoy the /r/RPG subreddit a lot as well. Some supremely talented people in that place; if you play RPG table-tops I highly recommend y’all check it out.

Lots of love finding ones own people. xD

Also, regarding Twitter, I generally post fairly regularly there, so also check that out @CheekyGeeksBlog. You can hit up my Facebook, too, though that’s not as regular as Twitter.

Alright kiddos! See you soon! :D
— Elise M. Gross

P.S. I’ll have some freebie goodies this Friday!! Hint: Holiday Printables!!! [wiggle dance]



Retro Pixelz – A CheekyGeeks Video Game



owl-elise-m-grosschibi-pixel-owl-elise-m-grossRemember how bummed I was that we weren’t able to get that super-cool-amazing-retro-themed-video game in time for game week? Well guess what??

You guys will be so excited to find out that I got the completed game this week!! Now, I know it’s ROBOT WEEK, but don’t video games sort of count as robots, just…virtually? (Maybe I’m stretching it there, but DAGNABIT THIS IS JUST SO COOL!!)

First of all, it’s too stinkin’ cute..!!! I mean, lookit me! I’m a teeny, adorable, pixelated owl-me!! SQUEE!!
Secondly, the game’s soundtrack is great; I love it.
Thirdly, I finally got it to upload properly on my server, so go play it already!!!! 

Then come back here & tell me how wonderful it is! I keep dying on the ice level, mainly because I have no patience & thus keep sliding to my doom, but…! It’s so cool! I’m so happy with it!!

Go play it! (PC/WEB ONLY!)
See y’all tomorrow!!
— Elise M. Gross





“Does everybody know what time it is??”
[crowd shouts] “WHO TIME!”
“Thaaat’s right! And here’s your host, Cory, our WHO man, Booweeeerrss!!!
[cheers & applause erupt in our studio audience.]

“The Caretaker” airs on BBC America 9/27 @ 9/8c

whovian wednesdays on cheekygeeks

        So another Geek Month is winding down, but good news everyone, this year there will be more Whovian Wednesdays after today!! Also, fortunately, not every week (I have to have time to watch more Doctor Who!) And now we’ve reached the week I’ve been most excited about, ROBOTS!!!

Since the very early days of Science Fiction, there have been common themes and creatures/creations, and among them have been aliens, spaceships, robots; all of which are included in some of the best episodes of Doctor Who.

The first appearance of robots on Doctor Who was the opening episode of season 3, with the Chumblies of ‘Galaxy 4.’ However, Sydney Newman (Head of Drama for BBC at that time) did not approve of robots, monsters, and other “gimmicky” Sci-Fi fads, so robots wouldn’t take on the role of nemesis until the fifth season of the series, when the Doctor would face the Abominable Snowmen and the Great Intelligence. Unfortunately, the original story only has one surviving episode, but much of the sequel episode, ‘The Web of Fear,’ was recovered in Nigeria this past year just before the 50th anniversary.

        These episodes and characters differ very much from monsters that resemble robots (Daleks, Cybermen, etc.) are that rather than being changed sentient, carbon based lifeforms, the robots are less uniform and more controlled by their programming or programmer. Among the best examples of this relationship, and the worst examples of a working robot, is that of the Master and Kamelion. Kamelion was a joy for then producer John Nathan-Turner, but was not a working automaton, and although had one good show in ‘The King’s Demons’, was otherwise more trouble than he was worth.

The new series has had excellent appearances with new robots, including starting the new series off with the return of the robots from ‘The Girl in the Fireplace’, and a return to robots and the world of Robin Hood in ‘Robot of Sherwood,’ but what may be the most important episode in this theme is simply titled ‘Robot.’ This episode has far more importance for being the story that introduced Tom Baker as the Doctor, but has an epic and, unfortunately, hilarious appearance of a giant robot with a conflicted conscious. So for those that enjoy the stories that feature those beings that have both helped and harmed humanity throughout all of Sci-Fi history, sit back, watch some ‘Who’, and we’ll see you again soon.

Episodes that are Robot related:

  1. The Web of Fear
  2. The Robots of Death
  3. The Long Game
  4. The Girl in the Fireplace
  5. Dinosaurs on a Spaceship