Picture this: Its the weekend. It’s late at night. I’m laying in bed, in a rather I dignified, yet comfortable position. (On second thought, don’t picture that!) I’m perusing my weekly blog reads, catching up on the goings-on of the interwebs, when I come across a post titled “50 Shades of Sevi” (Lord knows where she comes up with these post titles! XD ). So I think “Oh, fun! Learn more about Sevi!” (Did you know she played saxophone? Honestly the most surprising thing I read!!) Then I get to the bottom….and there it is. The challenge. The call out. I am now socially — nay, MORALLY — obligated to respond.

Is it the #ALS #icebucketchallenge, you ask? No. (Though I also got challenged to that this weekend, too, but more in that later.) It’s a…a questionnaire…!! Egads! I haven’t seen one of these since…um, myspace? Or AIM days? Jeez. Lol.

Well, here goes…hope you guys are ready to learn more about THIS CHICK! (See chick pictured below.)

1. What are you wearing? Black yoga pants, a World of Warcraft HORDE t-shirt (FOR THE HORDE!!!)

2. Ever been in love? Of course! It’s the human condition, after all. ;)

3. Ever had a terrible breakup? Also a resounding YES. (Don’t ever become “that girl” y’all. YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN.)

4. How tall are you? Um…5 foot 3 &1/2 inches!

5. How much do you weigh? LOL

6. Any tattoos? No. :( Not yet. I have had quite a few designed & ready for many years. I like to design & wait 2 years to determine if I still want them. Those that have stuck around & I still want…well, I just need the money. ;)

7. Any piercings? Yep. 3 in each ear. I pierce myself (don’t worry, I thoroughly steralize) because it hurts less.

8. OTP (one true pair, favorite fictional couple)? Elizabeth Bennet & Fitzwilliam Darcy (Pride & Prejudice, y’all! Best book EVAR.)

9. Favorite show? Adventure Time!! MATHMATICAL!!

10. Favorite bands? Top 3 (on my bucket list to see if possible) in no particular order — The Cure (not touring …as far as I know), HIM (seen them), Blink 182 (will see them…would have right before I was hired at my current job 2 years ago but wasn’t allowed vacation for 90 days, right when they were coming!!! -wails-)

11. Something you miss? Some old friends sometimes…AKON, conventions in general! I wanna go cosplaying next year!!

12. Favorite song? That’s…no…that’s too hard to choose.

13. How old are you? 26

14. Zodiac sign? Taurus (YEAH!! BULL!)

15. Quality you look for in a partner? Good natured, likes jokes (the cheesier the better), willing to be goofy, sweet, kind hearted, willing to compromise, willing to talk through problems, always makes it better with a kiss, handsome (per my perspective), loving, independent yet wants to hang out with me, geeky (in their own way)…. luckily, I gots me someone who fits all of those qualities!! xD Thanks Mr A!)

16. Favorite Quote? How DARE you settle for less when the world has made it so easy for you to be remarkable?” -Seth Godin


17. Favorite actor? Colin Firth, Benedict Cumberbatch…definitely a huge BC fanatic

18. Favorite color? The colour of the sun shining through the bottom of a leaf.

19. Loud music or soft? Depends on my mood

20. Where do you go when you’re sad? Um…my bedroom, on the bed, no lights? I also put on some music, like an old vinyl or something, however the type of music I play depends on whether I want to feel the sadness or get over it.

21. How long does it take you to shower? If I’m in a hurry, 15 minutes…if not, 30.

22. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? If I’m in a hurry, 5 minutes, if not, 30?

23. Ever been in a physical fight? Yes. I’m feisty.

24. Turn on? Uh…………..wit.

25. Turn off? Stupidity, closed-mindedness.

26. The reason I started blogging? To share all of the geeky ideas I like to create!

27. Fears? Hmm…fear itself. Oh, & ladders. Not heights, just ladders.

28. Last thing that made you cry? Dinosaurs… -_-;;;

29. Last time you said you loved someone? When I got off the phone with my brother earlier

30. Meaning behind the name of your blog? I’m pretty sassy. And geeky. So CheekyGeek!

31. Last book you read? D&D Pathfinder…does that count?

32. The book you’re currently reading? Metro 2033

33. Last show you watched? Game of Thrones

34. Last person you talked to? My boss & my DM. At the same time. Because we all happen to work together…

35. The relationship between you and the person you last texted? My awesomest bloggy/real life friend Sevi from Ware’s the Vodka?!

36. Favorite food? Cheese. Potatoes. STEW! No….um….yes.

37. Place you want to visit? Japan.

38. Last place you were? Work. Guh…

39. Do you have a crush? Does Benedict Cumberbatch or Nathan Fillion count?

40. Last time you kissed someone? This morning as my honey bunny left for work.

41. Last time you were insulted? Apparently, 5 minutes ago? My DM tells me so, but I didn’t catch whatever he said…

42. Favorite flavor of sweet? Chocolate. Straight sugar, otherwise. Like, cotton candy, or rock candy. Otherwise, I don’t like sugar.

43. What instruments do you play? Vocal chords.

44. Favorite piece of jewelry? Right now…a necklace/locket I had made my mother.

45. Last sport you played? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA….

46. Last song you sang? Death is in Love with Us – HIM

47. Favorite chat up line? OH. MAH. GLOB.

48. Have you ever used it? Yes!!

49. Last time you hung out with anyone? Saturday night D&D game

50. Who should answer these questions next? Danielle from OntheUpcycle!


I Make Lists for My Lists

I have a terrible, terrible confession to make…
I make lists. It’s so bad, in fact, that sometimes I’ll make lists for my lists, or if I do something that wasn’t on my list, I’ll go back & add it to my list. Yeah, it’s that kind of bad. I know I’m not alone in this weird behaviour, either. I was watching David Tutera’s ‘My Fair Wedding’ (which I am also obsessed with) once when he encountered a bride that also made lists…for her lists…and added things she did on to the lists that weren’t originally on them. Yep, we’re a rare breed, but we’re out there..! xD

Needless to say, with this crazy hectic move going on, & the INSANE amount of clean up we’re going to go through for this house…things have gotten a bit…well, hectic! — and we all know what happens then… LIST TIME! I’ve been making lists breaking down each room, how I plan to attack each one, breaking them further down by what I can do on my own & what I’ll need Mr. Dark to help me with, &c. &c.

Here’s just a tiny, itty-bitty, wee little sampling of some of my first lists…the “improper ones” that aren’t yet the thing of beauty that my lists can be. (Or thing of terror?)


So, why is the house such a mess? 
Well, frankly, it happened because my Mom…procrastinated? It’s not a big deal — stuff happens, & there are plenty of times we’ve all been guilty of the same! Plus, she could only move so much with her in her little Peety (PT Cruiser), including her, my sister, & their 2 dogs + cat! I knew it’d be a challenge before she even started packing, & quite frankly, I’ve left so much stuff in her house over the course of moving out (3 different times, don’t judge) that it only seems fair. ;D Hehe!

I’m actually pretty impressed with what she WAS able to load up in her car! She’s driving way out to WA, too, so this seems like one heck’uva feat!

I’ll be taking proper “before’ photos tonight, with “after” photos to follow as things get completed!

Be on the lookout for the first big project I plan on doing…. the KITCHEN!!! :O

– Elise M. Gross


5 Unique Valentine’s Day Ideas for Singles and Couples

Originally published under Yahoo Voices 02.05.2014 – No longer accessible through Yahoo Voices due to Yahoo’s closing of the site.

title5un    Looking for something fun and unique to do for Valentine’s Day? Whether you’re single or in a relationship, these five ideas will be sure to peak your interest!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner – are you prepared? How many of you are tired of the same old “movie and dinner” routine? What about you single folks who just want to spend this day of love with good friends and company? Here are our top 5 most unique Valentine’s Day date night ideas – good for singles and couples alike! This list is based primarily on DFW events, but a quick internet search for similar events local to you should help you create your very own unique evening!

1. Party like animals at your local zoo. If you or your partner are an animal lover, you should try looking up your local zoo and see what they’re offering for Valentine’s Day. At the Fort Worth Zoo they’re offering several unique options for those who love Valentine’s and for those who hate it! The two primary offerings are the Penguin Party for lovebirds, and the Bitter Dinner for singles. For those looking to save a few bucks, there’s the less expensive route of gift options instead of dinner: you can adopt penguins, or, for those with “unwavering” feelings, you can adopt a Haitian cockroach, complete with an e-card expressing just how you feel. Adopting one of the zoos animals helps to feed and care for the creature for a year. For more information, visit the Fort Worth Zoo website, or check with your local zoo to see what specials they’re offering!

2. Themed Parties for singles and couples. Without a doubt you’ll want to check out one of your local themed parties going on during this year’s day of love. Couples and singles can party 60′s, 70′s, or 80′s style to themed music at this year’s 98.7 KLUV Valentine’s Day Party located in the Stemmon’s ballroom in Dallas. If you’re not in the DFW area, check your local oldies station website for some fun-filled events, otherwise, visit KLUV’s website for more information!

3. Recreate your first date or when you met your best friend. That’s right – all the way down to the outdated clothes and the BIG hair! More adventurous couples and besties will have loads of fun recreating their first time together. If you’re no longer in the area where you first met, try going to places similar to where you went the first time you went out together. Be sure to take photos for your scrapbook so you can compare then-and-now and laugh at the memories for years to come!

4. Wicked love in a haunted house. This is no joke; there are many local haunted houses that open especially for the day of love. One of the biggest ones in the United States is actually located in New York City, but you can check your local listings for one near you, or see if this list on DesigningFear shows one near you. If you’re in the DFW area, however, head on over to the Moxley Manor in Bedford, TX from the 14th – 16th for a frightfully good time!

5. Game night and movie night! For those looking to spend some time with friends, or who would rather stay in instead of go out, why not invite your nearest and dearest over for a rousing game or movie night? It’s really very simple: Everyone brings a board or card game and/or a horribly cheesy movie. The movie can be any theme you choose – terrible B-flicks, super sappy love stories, or extra cheesy kung-fu movies! The point here is to have fun, relax, and enjoy the company of those you love most, whether you’re a couple or single. Best of all, you can do this right in your own home!

Which of these unique Valentine’s Day date ideas are you excited to try?

Cheers!! — Elise M. Gross


The Return to the Geek’o’sphere

Good afternoon, blogosphere!! Missed me much? xD
Sorry for the lack of updates — it’s been hectic since we found out we’re moving out of our apartment & in to our new HOUSE! Woo! My sweet, darling Mother got a new job waaaay up in Washington state, & while we’ll miss her dearly here in Texas, we’re very happy for her!! Since she’ll not be taking her house with her, we’ll be renting it from her & helping to fix it up! So with all the packing, helping my Mum pack, cleaning out the storage unit, prepping for the garage sale… I’ve hardly had a moment to take a breath!

In case you forgot what it looks like, here's the badge!

In case you forgot what it looks like, here’s the badge!

Not to mention, next month is our second annual Geek Month celebration! Of course we’ll be doing it up in style. ;D We’ve got loads of goodies for y’all, & lots of geeky goodness abound. So far, we’ve got the wonderful Sevi from Ware’s the Vodka returning, plus the oh-so-talented Jeremy Kerns of Timid Studios, & the internet will witness the triumphant return of Mr. Cory “Cash Money” Bowers with our staple “Whovian Wednesday” posts! Huzzah!

So loads of fun things coming your way. Stay tuned!!

– Elise M. Gross

P.S. I used to post articles to the now defunct Yahoo Voices. Since they’re shutting it down, the rights to my work have returned entirely to me. I’ll be cleaning them up & posting them on this blog. Tomorrow will be the first one, a slightly-out-of-date article, yet still fun– “5 Unique Valentine’s Day Ideas for Singles and Couples.” After that, look out for “Baking at High Altitudes!” Wooo!



Star Spangled Banner

Hooray! It’s time for my 3rd favourite holiday EVER! (That’s 3rd behind my birthday, & Christmas, in that order.) :D The United States Independence Day!! Woo-hoo! If you don’t know me very well, there are two things you can usually catch me humming: Christmas songs & patriotic tunes! I love fireworks, grilling, & the red, white, & blue! Nothing makes me tear up faster than come good ol’ fashioned patriotism.

This year, I decided to make a banner.
Oh-ho-ho, but not just ANY ol’ banner!!
A Star Spangled Banner!!
It’s super easy –With the right materials, you can make one, too! Let’s get to work, y’all!



  • Flags (as many as you want — I used 8; on a stick is how I got ‘em)
  • Twine (I used twine with a metal inner for bending)
  • Hot glue/E6000®/Sewing notions (whatever you prefer to bind with)



First, I pulled the flags gently from their little sticks.
Secondly, lay them out across the twine to figure out how much spacing you want between each flag. I went for about 6 inches between, but I eyeballed it, honestly.
Thirdly, glue the edge where the star section is to have it hang vertically, when looking at the front the stars will align top-right.
Fourth, wrap that edge around the twine, press & seal!
Alternative – I was having difficulty with the glue at this point, so I opted to sew those flags down, keeping the twine as straight as possible to avoid breaking a needle on the metal inner!

Done! See? I told you it was super, duper easy! Now, just trim the ends to the length needed for hanging, hang, & enjoy! Hooray!!

What fun things have y’all done to celebrate the 4th?
– Elise M. Gross