Star Spangled Banner

Hooray! It’s time for my 3rd favourite holiday EVER! (That’s 3rd behind my birthday, & Christmas, in that order.) :D The United States Independence Day!! Woo-hoo! If you don’t know me very well, there are two things you can usually catch me humming: Christmas songs & patriotic tunes! I love fireworks, grilling, & the red, white, & blue! Nothing makes me tear up faster than come good ol’ fashioned patriotism.

This year, I decided to make a banner.
Oh-ho-ho, but not just ANY ol’ banner!!
A Star Spangled Banner!!
It’s super easy –With the right materials, you can make one, too! Let’s get to work, y’all!



  • Flags (as many as you want — I used 8; on a stick is how I got ‘em)
  • Twine (I used twine with a metal inner for bending)
  • Hot glue/E6000®/Sewing notions (whatever you prefer to bind with)



First, I pulled the flags gently from their little sticks.
Secondly, lay them out across the twine to figure out how much spacing you want between each flag. I went for about 6 inches between, but I eyeballed it, honestly.
Thirdly, glue the edge where the star section is to have it hang vertically, when looking at the front the stars will align top-right.
Fourth, wrap that edge around the twine, press & seal!
Alternative – I was having difficulty with the glue at this point, so I opted to sew those flags down, keeping the twine as straight as possible to avoid breaking a needle on the metal inner!

Done! See? I told you it was super, duper easy! Now, just trim the ends to the length needed for hanging, hang, & enjoy! Hooray!!

What fun things have y’all done to celebrate the 4th?
– Elise M. Gross


Thrifty Thursday / Freebie Friday : 6 month Calendar 2014

Good morning blogosphere & beyond! :D  Are you guys excited for the rest of this year?? I know I’ve got a lot of plans — eep!! The 2nd Annual Geek Month is coming up in a month!! — & I don’t really ever have a way to keep my stuff organised. I love downloading printables off other cute blogs from the interwebs, but I’ve been playing with that fancy schmancy Rhonna app a lot lately, & decided to try my hand at making a set of calendars using that. Since she already has so many graphics on the app, plus her awesome fonts, all I had to do was design the layout. Luckily, it wasn’t a whole 12 months! I do plan on taking some time soon to really go at it for next years set — my own graphics & everything! But for now, if you’re interested, here’s the 6 month set I made using the Rhonna Designs app — scroll below the cover pic! (These are one at a time, not one large file for now.)

6 month CheekyGeeks Calendar Cover 2014 Cover 2014 July 2014 August 2014 September 2014 October 2014 November 2014 December 2014

These are free to use, obvs. & yeah I know that November is missing the 1st — since I started the weeks with Monday instead of Sunday, that’s the only month that I couldn’t fit the way I wanted. I could’ve taken time to make it work, but….meeeeh… xD

Here’s some action shots:


as3 as2
The cover (plus other fun things within) I designed with the wonderful Sevi in mind, because Lord knows that woman loves glitter!! xD Next year’s will be designed from scratch by me…I’m thinking robots, or owls…hmmm…any suggestions? ;D It will also be free, but I want to make a full on blog planner, which I really need!! So it’ll have the month view, a week-by-week view, notes, projects section, & soooo much more!! Woo! So, for 2015, robots, or owls? Or something else? Leave your suggestions in the comments!! Then, link this everywhere to spread the glory of free stuff!! :D Yaaaay! Cheers!! — Elise M. Gross