Kickstarter pt IV


It’s Thursday of our Kickstarter week! Huzzah!! Today I’m going to talk about 3 fun campaigns– the first is geeks who are interested in expanding their game-play/reading/whatever, the second is for you awesome DIYers and bloggers, & the last is for all gardeners! As per usual, at the bottom of the post I’ll go over tomorrow’s posts. Let’s git to it! 

First up, we have…

asAdventure Scents: Special Effects to Intensify Your Games
Deadline: March 20, 2015 (less than 22 hours to go, people!)

This one’s really great, guys..! The hilarity with which Jennifer Howlett explained these products is hilarious, so be sure to check out the campaign page for that alone. As for what these are….basically, it’s an air freshener the harvested olfactory glands of aging gnomes placed in something pretty to make your games/books/music/whatever come to LIFE!
This isn’t ordinary air freshener, though…I mean, I certainly wouldn’t normally want anything that smells even remotely like horse stables or a dusty old crypt in my house, but for the games we play, I think it’s going to bring a really nifty aspect to the realism; it’s also gonna be entertaining as all-get-out, y’all!!! xD

They’ve got sample packs, jars, “wands” (way too cute, guys!) and filigree lockets to help spread the scent. I’m going with the locket/jar/sample pack combo (getting extra samples since they reached their stretch goal!) & I haven’t even finished picking out what scents I want yet!! Since the campaign started, she’s been able to create 4 more SETS of smells…that’s, like, 20 more smells, guys. I plan on getting some fantasy & sci-fi combos to go with the types of games we play. There’s even some neat steampunk ones! Next time we go in to a dragon’s lair, we’re SO READY!!

If you decide to wait until after the campaign (and forego the awesome extra goodies) you can always order online at the end of March once their webstore is open.

AspiredSteps// Stepzyaspiredsteps
Deadline: March 28, 2015

This is THE. APP. For all DIYers out there..! It’s an app that lets you learn new DIY things, buy the products right from the app needed to complete said project, & you can upload your own projects to earn money from others who learn from you!! How neat is this, right??

I’ve signed up to be a beta-tester, so I’m very excited for this. It’s a #MakerMovement, yo!!

According to their campaign page, this app is going to save you loads of time & effort:

  • No more hunting for products online
  • No more second guessing on which supplies were used
  • No more wasting gas for Michaels or Home Depot
  • No more waiting in lines and wasting time
  • No more NOT finding what you need

Check out their website here and be sure to look at the campaign today!

avsAvoSeedo: Grow Your Own Avocado Tree with Ease
Deadline: March 28, 2015

GUYS. I love avocados!! I’ve also always wanted to grow my own tree!! I’ve been too nervous to try, however, as I don’t exactly have the greenest thumb. I’d try the toothpick method but Lord knows I’d kill the thing. :( My luck…

Lucky me, now there’s the answer to my gardening prayers!! This sucker floats on top of the water, with a neat cutout in the bottom to allow the flat part of the pit access to water & the tip access to sunlight. If you’ve ever experienced or read about how difficult it is to get a pit to sprout, this will make the job infinitely easier!! Plus you get a neat little “flag” area to label the type, date started, &c.

According to the campaign page:

This is the main challenge when growing an avocado; if the seed is left high and dry at any time, there’s a chance that the germination process will stop permanently. And this is where AvoSeedo comes into play.

They have tons of details on their campaign page, as well as tons more photos describing how the process works. AND THEY’RE SO CHEAP!! I’m getting this for me, my Mum, my Aunt…Everyone’s getting one for Christmas!! Hahaha!!



What do you guys think of today’s selection?? Super awesome, no? :D
Tomorrow I’ll be detailing another book by the wonderful David G. Fores, something sophisticated for you gamers out there (Nintendorks UNITE!), and another campaign for all of you BAKERS! :D How thrilling!!!

See you tomorrow!
— Elise M. Gross


Kickstarter pt III


It’s Wednesday of our Kickstarter week! Today I’m going to talk about 2 more awesome campaigns– one for all you awesome folks who believe we should teach our little girls (& boys!) to think critically & have a voice, & one for keeping our best friends snug & safe! At the bottom of the post I’ll go over tomorrow’s posts. Let’s dive right in! (So many exclamation points!!!)

girls-driving-for-a-differenceGirls Driving for a Difference
Deadline: March 26th, 2015

These four students from Standford University plan to travel cross-country during the summer of 2015 to share with young girls the tools & inspiration to think…but not just any old thinking: Design Thinking! Basically, they give girls (or boys, as anyone is welcome) the skill-set needed to approach & conquer any problem through a creative process.

I really support movements like this, as it’s all too often I see young girls becoming young women without a voice. It pains me to see people I care about feel like they aren’t good enough, smart enough, strong enough, &c. I think workshops like the ones these women have been doing already help to empower our young ones & teach them to be better people. Basically, this stuff is super important, guys!

For 10 weeks, these women will head across the USA to reach young girls in summer camps, Scouts, extra curricular groups, & more. The workshops look & sound super fun (I even got teary-eyed when the little girls go over how they want to change the world!) They believe that instead of asking what you want to be when you grow up, we should be asking how they want to change the world for the better, & what can be done starting NOW to do it!

Be sure to check out their campaign page here & donate anything you can to this awesome cause. You can also find out more about this amazing team & what they’ve done already by visiting their webpage here. :D

snorfSnorf Industries,
(Fun)ctional Hats & Hoodies for Dogs
March 26, 2015

I am really excited for this one, guys..! First of all, SO CUTE! Secondly, you guys remember my poor little Rat Terrier, Chloe, right? (See the adorableness below if you’ve forgotten…!) xD

Chloe Bear hates Mondays

chloe rat terrier chloe
How could you forget a face liek dis??

She was given to me with a purple “Princess” shirt…I went “EGADS. Nope!” & tossed that sucker right out. However, I found that she actually LOVES wearing clothes, & will attempt to dress herself if she finds a shirt small enough. xD Unfortunately, she has what we call “barrel chest” with a skinny little waist, so nothing fits correctly! Then the poor little thing is always shivering lately, especially the older she gets. I’ve tried getting her some clothes, but they’re always super flimsy or super ugly, or they just don’t fit right — & I am not about to shell out hundreds of dollars for a big, ugly coat for her. This past few weeks with the crazy snow has taken such a toll on her widdle ears!! I had to keep her bundled up in my coat last time we went out so she wouldn’t shiver right out of her skin!

Enter: The Bat Hat! This weirdly cute little contraption was made by pet owner Dara Moss, who had Frenchies — the odder shaped sort of dogs! She knew the pain I’m going through, & developed something for her cuties to keep them warm. Her videos & campaign page do an excellent job of explaining how it all works, so I’ll let you check that out yourself.

The only scary thing is that she has 8 days left in this campaign, & they’re SOOOOOO close to reaching their goal, but not there yet!! If they don’t make it, Chloe won’t get herself a new, properly fitting & super cute outfit! :O
Share this with everyone you know, y’all!!

What do you guys think of everything so far? Am I backing some pretty neat stuff, or what? xD
What cool Kickstarter or Indigogo projects have you backed?

— Elise M. Gross


Kickstarter pt II


It’s Tuesday of our Kickstarter week! Today I’m going to talk about 2 wonderful, lovely books — one for all you awesome gamers out there, & one for empowering awesome children! At the bottom of the post I’ll go over tomorrow’s posts. Let’s dive right in! (So many exclamation points!!!)

story-tellers-dictionaryThe Storyteller’s Dictionary
Deadline: March 23, 2015
This is the ultimate gamer’s dictionary. All those crazy words you never knew but always wanted to for your D&D quests or tabletop campaigns? They’re in here. Writing an epic book & forgot how to accurately describe an Orc? It’s in here.

This is the companion to the Storyteller’s Thesaurus (which you can get as an add-on in .pdf format if you didn’t get it the first time around!)

Here are some sample from their campaign page of what you can find in the book:

asafoetida (ˌæsəˈfɛtɪdə): n. The brownish gum resin of various plants; has strong taste and odor; formerly used as an antispasmodic.

wicket gate (wĭk′ĭt gāt):n. A small door built into a larger door or gate. The wicket gate’s purpose was to allow individual foot traffic in and out of the fortification without the trouble or risk of opening the fortification’s gates.

stupa (sto͞o′pə): n. A domed edifice housing Buddhist or Jain relics.

sexton (sĕk′stən): n. An employee or officer of a church who is responsible for the care and upkeep of church property and sometimes for ringing bells and digging graves.

The best part is that this book isn’t going to be arranged like any old dictionary. Ooooh no, no, no!! This sucker’s gonna be arranged by subject matter. What’s that? Need to know about the different types of bushes & shrubbery? Check the Flora section. What about headgear? Check under the weapons>armour section!

I plan on using this bad boy for everything from my campaigns to the many books I plan on writing. This will be the best reference guide I’ve ever owned!! (Suck it, encyclopedia!) I’m thrilled to also be able to get the thesaurus as a .pdf, too; that will also be super-duper-guys-you-don’t-even-know-how-handy-this-will-be-handy!! :D :D

princess-who-saved-herselfThe Princess Who Saved Herself
Deadline: March 26, 2015

GUYS. This one makes me SO. INCREDIBLY. HAPPY!!!
First of all, look at that little girl!! Is that NOT the most BADASS little girl EVER?! From her kickin’ tiara all the way to her torn up jeans & her little cape, that’s the little girl I hope to have one day — who can read this AWESOME book that defies the standard man/hero-rescues-princess trope. Not to mention, Takeshi Miyazawa has a BEAUTIFUL art style, & you know me, I’m a sucker for pretty stuff. xD

Here’s the summary provided on their campaign page:

The Princess Who Saved Herself reinvents the princess myth for a new generation of proactive girls, telling the story of an awesome kid who lives with her pet snake and plays rock ‘n’ roll all day to the huge annoyance of the classical guitarist witch who lives down the road. Hijinks, conflicts, and a fun reconciliation ensue, all showcasing determination, bravery, and understanding.

They blew their goal out of the water so hard, they’re now going to be offering this epic, hardcover book with an awesome companion activity book in .pdf format. PLUS if they hit their 70k stretch goal, they’ll include a “making of” .pdf, which I am very interested in, as I hope to publish a few children’s books featuring my adorable robots & would love a “behind the scenes” look at how it’s all done! <3

This book has already been written & drawn, so the only thing needed is the funds to get it printed. There are a ton of gorgeous illustrations for this book posted to their campaign page, so why not go take a look? Make sure to have some tissue for that drool!! xD

Be sure to tune in tomorrow for more awesome stuff to empower girls & some ADORABLE DOGGY STUFFS!!!


— Elise M. GRoss


Microblog Mondays 2: Kickstarter pt. 1

Microblog Mondays

 Not sure what #MicroblogMondays is? Read the inaugural post on Stirrup Queens which explains the idea and how you can participate too.



So, I’m pretty sure none of you know of my slight obsession with the crowd-funding site, Kickstarter. I think it’s amazing to be able to support projects I love & support people who have a passion & drive that’s just -oh-so-inspiring. I’ve support a couple of previous campaigns, & have recently really gotten the bug to support quite a few more — poor Mr. Handsome sees me browsing Kickstarter & says I’m shopping. I’ve tried explaining what it really is, but he says I’m spending money, & it’s not tax deductable, so it’s shopping. xD

This week I plan to highlight the projects I’ve supported & the ones I’m currently supporting (& that you can support, too!!) So, without further ado, here are the first two I funded, plus another that I’m SUPER excited for (remember, I’ll be sharing more this week):

Already Funded, but still super cool:

562 Project 562
Sucessfully Funded
Matika Wilbur is an amazing Native American photographer who is documenting the stories of the Native American peoples in a book called Project 562. Not only is her skill in photography unmatched, but the storied she’s collecting are so important to our history as a nation & to the human race in general. I take the Native American history very seriously, so this first campaign I ever funded means more than I can truly express. Check out Matika’s blog, too!

edgarapoeEdgar Allan Poe’s ‘Ravings of Love & Death’
Successfully Funded
Now most of you DO probably know of my undying passion for Edgar Allan Poe’s works. As a small child I had a passion for reading, & consequently was gifted a collection of “Young Reader” books — Poe was among the collection, & I devoured every last word. I loved scary stories, & Poe’s works have influenced nearly every aspect of my life since, especially that of my art. This campaign was in support of an artist & team with an equal passion for Poe’s works; they created an illustrated edition of select stories. They far surpassed their original goal, too, so there were a lot of really awesome extras we all got. As you saw in my mantle post, I have several giclee prints from this campaign framed already. The book itself…oh man, it’s gorgeous. I’ll have to share the fine details for that in a separate post! If you’re interested in acquiring a copy of the book, even though the campaign has ended, check out their website.

Coming Up:

beehive-picture-holders Beehive Picture Hangers
Deadline: March 19, 2015
This is one of those really neat, innovative ideas that’s just going to make everything way easier in my life. Since hanging photos (or mirrors, or…anything, let’s face it) is *such* a task for Mr. Handsome & myself — & inevitably leads to bickering about whether something needs to be one inch further to the left — these bad boys will be our saving grace for hanging.

First of all, they can support up to 30 lbs, hanging in drywall. Secondly, you don’t have to locate studs! (I mean, I’ve never been able to use that “knock” trick anyway.) Thirdly, I’m going to get these for everyone on my Christmas list. <3

It’s pretty easy: attach them to your picture frame, place against the wall where you’d like it to go, push the corners lightly to mark the spots, then place pins in spots, & hang! No more re-positioning after remeasuring for the umpteenth time, no more filling in little holes left from bad placements… no more hassle!!

Best of all, this campaign offers goodies of just the items (no stickers or any frivolous stuff here!) These are incredibly inexpensive & come in huge sets, so check it out today!


Table saw for Nerdy little Woodworkertable-saw-for-nerdy-woodworker
Deadline: March 23, 2015

This is one of those campaigns I just sort of stumbled across & wanted to help the guy out. He’s an amazing artist, & I truly love his work. His name is Graeme Elliott, & he lives in the UK doing what he loves, from carpentry to woodburning. Check out his DeviantArt for some more of his work — it’s really impressive stuff! He didn’t need a lot to get his saw, so I went ahead & pitched in, but he’s almost doubled his goal, so hopefully he can get the saw of his dreams!! :D

Okay that’s all for today: I’ve got a lot of campaigns I’m excited for, & I know you guys will be, too! (There’s even a discount washi paper one for you crafters!!) So check back every day this week for the latest one!!

— Elise M. Gross


Guest Bath Refresh 2015

The Ultimate 2015 Guest Bath refresh…! Because heavens knows it needed it. xD
We found our art piece first at a little place called Cheapo-Depot in Granbury, Texas. Everything there is already a bargain, but they just happened to be having a 50% OFF sale! (My 3 favourite words!!) So I grabbed that sucker for around $12. I just adore the cutesy-distressed vibe it has! [Matches the “distressed” look the dogs gave the back of our poor door. :( ]

The shower curtain (which feels silky, almost!) I *thinkbutI’mnotcertain* is a BH&G curtain…I’ll have to double-check that. Cost was about $16. The towels were on sale for around $3/big ones, $2 for the tea size, & I got the pink washcloths as a part of a set of 6 for $4.

Mr. Handsome not only helped me pick out colours — debating with me on the virtues of hot pink versus a more maroon-type — but he also selected that fine fuzzy carpeting you see. We decided that since we don’t really have any guests using the shower, we’d be safe with the fuzzy — for our own bath we selected a more durable, water-soaking type of rug. And, as most of our guests are male, they’ll be happy having something “super comfy” underfoot (according to Mr. Handsome.)

Lastly, I needed a digital scale, as I’m in a weight-loss competition with the family. They have some super cheap ones for $15, but I just love the way this bamboo ones looks & feels!! $30 was it’s cost, so it was a huge splurge. Don’t judge me!! Dx

I didn’t think to take a before shot, so just imagine a tiny, ugly, little tan bathroom with sparse, worn-out blue patches of stuff lying about. Here’s the AFTER:

bath remodel renovation


In all, we spent around $75 for all these touch-ups. However, in our defense, we haven’t really bought anything “for” the house before, so this was really exciting! Mr. Handsome & I actually had a lot of fun picking out colours, too; I’m quite shocked he went with the pink, too — heck, I’m shocked I went with it!! :O xD
It turned out too lovely, though. The best part, however, is when we went through the old cans of paint left from previous owners out in the shed (left even from before my Mum lived there!) — we found a gorgeous lilac/lavender paint that’s STILL GOOD! (I promise, we checked!) We’re going to paint one (or all) of the walls in this colour — it’s one bucket, & it’s a small room. It’s gonna look so FAB. Super excited.

Looks like we’ll be busy this weekend (even though it’s our anniversary!) What’s that saying? The couple that DIYs together stays together, right? xD

— Elise M. Gross